Chapter 150: What Are You Talking About?

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Most of the people here knew Song Chenfeng did not like his stepmother, Shen Weiran. But they did not expect him to embarrass Shen Weiran in front of so many people.

As Song Chenfeng was pulled away, this little incident of the Song family passed.

Shen Weiran was holding Song Bocheng and comforting him next to his ears. She looked all gentle and calm, as if she was not the one attacked by Song Chenfeng just now.

Xia Ning stared at Shen Weiran’s careful and considerate face, and her eyes turned ironic. She had always been looking nice and considerate for everything in front of people. Only she herself knew how hypocritical and ugly she was behind her kind and soft face.

After the short show, Xia Ning decided to go out and get some fresh air. As she turned around, she felt someone was staring at her. She looked up and her eyes caught the ink-like eyes. She was surprised and then she saw Jiang Xinyi standing next to him. She threw a scornful look at him, turned around and walked towards the side hallway.

Qiao Yu looked at her back and frowned slightly. What kind of expression was that?

“Brother Qiao, last time in J City, I left in a rush and did not have a chance to say goodbye to you. Please don’t blame Gao Yang. It was me who wanted to see you.” Jiang Xinyi was standing next Qiao Yu with her head low and her hands together in the front. She looked a little nervous and her heart was pumping.

Just at that time, a young man followed Xia Ning and started talking to her.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning replying to him with a smile and his face turned black immediately. So she had a good temper towards everyone else.

Jiang Xinyi didn’t hear anything from Qiao Yu so she looked up, just to see Qiao Yu’s dark face. Her heart skipped a beat and thought he was still mad at her because of her words about the invitation. She said immediately, “Brother Qiao, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about that Xia Ning. She’s up to no good. She found a way to get in here and definitely came with a purpose. This kind of charity reception is not for her. Plus, she was giving Weiwei a hard time. Weiwei is your dear cousin and a good sister of mine. I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.” She got a little excited and her face turned somewhat red.

Qiao Yu saw the man who was talking to Xia Ning leaving and looked slightly better on his face. He then realized someone next to him mentioned Xia Ning.

He darted a look at Jiang Xinyi and frowned. “What are you talking about?!”

Jiang Xinyi looked at the handsome man in front of her with shock. Her entire excitement collapsed at once. So, everything she just told him, every feeling of her, he did not hear a single word? Did he not even know her existence?!

Qiao Yu found Jiang Xinyi not replying so he walked around her and left. He did not have the patience to talk to her any further.

Jiang Xinyi ground her teeth, staring at the cold back of the man. Her eyes were filled with tears. Why, why couldn’t he ever notice her? His coldness was more hurtful than any words of rejection.

Just at that moment, a shadow followed Xia Ning into the side hallway.

Xia Ning stood at the French window in the hallway and swirled the wine glass in her hand. Behind her, the noise in the ballroom sounded. But she stared at the scenery outside and felt somewhat cold.

“Why are you standing here alone?” A man’s voice came from behind all of a sudden.

Xia Ning turned around and stared at the handsome man in a white suit. She said with a smile, “I don’t know anyone inside. It’s better to be outside. But you, Brother Lin, are one of them. You didn’t say a word for me just now when I was being bullied.”

Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning in a funny way. “You are making me sound like a cunning snake. But you are blaming the wrong person. I just arrived and saw you coming this way. So I came to you immediately.”

“Don’t you have to say hi to Ms. Shen who’s more senior than you?” Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan with a smile.

Lin Nan raised his eyebrows. “It’s fine. I’m giving her enough face by coming here. I don’t need anything from her.”

“Why, am I hearing that Brother Lin has something against Ms. Shen?” Xia Ning looked at him with some interest.

Lin Nan thought of something and replied calmly, “Not really. I just don’t like people who think that they are good at acting and that everyone else is a fool.”