Chapter 151: Too Many Rivals In Love

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Outside, at the bar table, Song Chenfeng drank a ton because he was upset. He was still drinking and could not be stopped. Shen Weiwei joined him and both of them were drunk.

Shen Tianlang drank quite a lot too, mainly because Qiao Yu was actively drinking with him.

Normally, Qiao Yu would not even touch any alcohol in this kind of reception. But today, he was kind of breaking his own rules.

“So cousin, why do I feel that you are making me drink?” Shen Tianlang looked at another glass of wine in his hand and said with a smile.

Qiao Yu drank up and looked at Shen Tianlang. “Are you admitting that I’m better at drinking?!” he asked calmly.

“…” Shen Tianlang was a bit speechless. What did he do to upset him? He raised his head and drank up too and felt like throwing up. He then said directly, “Well that’s it for me. I can’t drink anymore. The reception is finally starting. Let’s not mess around.”

Qiao Yu put down his glass and did not ask him to drink more. The coldness around him largely went away and he seemed to be in a good mood.

Shen Tianlang realized that he definitely offended Qiao Yu in some way. Otherwise, why would Qiao Yu be so happy just because he was able to beat Shen Tianlang in drinking?

Seeing that Shen Weiran was getting ready to go up onto the stage, he organized his clothes and wanted to go over there. Just as he started moving, he saw Xia Ning coming in from the side hallway. He remembered Shen Weiwei’s rudeness to her and walked up at once.

“Miss Xia, I want to apologize to you on behalf of my sister.”

Xia Ning saw the man who came up to her out of the blue and was a bit surprised. She then said, “It’s nothing. I wasn’t taken advantage of anyway.”

Shen Tianlang was surprised. He did not realize Xia Ning was so straightforward and smiled at once. Even though he just met her, he felt very comfortable talking to her.

Qiao Yu looked at Shen Tianlang’s back with a cold face. It seemed like he did not drink enough just now. Otherwise, he would not be able to make conversation with her.

Shen Tianlang left after a line or two.

The second he left, Xia Ning saw Qiao Yu. But she did not even look at him twice before she walked towards the center of the ballroom.

Qiao Yu looked at her back and then to Shen Weiran who was already on stage. He was confused. Did she come here because she was a fan of Shen Weiran? But he had never seen her eyes like that. Disdain, disgust, even some hatred.

But when he saw Lin Nan walking in from the side hallway, Qiao Yu’s face turned ugly immediately. So when he was not paying attention just now, the two of them were spending time together in that dark corner?!

Remembering the genuine acting skills of the both of them last time, Qiao Yu’s face turned to the color of the back of a pan. Was she ever conscious about her being a wife and a mother!

Lin Nan wanted to come out with Xia Ning, but Xia Ning stopped him. She said she did not want to put mud on his name.

Did she really think it was that easy to be in his gossips? Also, why did he feel she was giving him the cold shoulder him?

Lin Nan stopped his steps as he felt someone staring at him with an intimidating look in front of him. He looked up and saw Qiao Yu in the front immediately. He was caught by surprise. President Qiao from Shengshi?

Why did he feel that his gaze was somehow dangerous? Was that his delusion? Thinking that Qiao Yu was the investor of his next movie, he felt obligated to say hi.

He walked up under the pressure of that cold look and reached out his hand with a smile. “President Qiao, hello! I’m Lin Nan. I was honored to meet you at the audition last time.”

Qiao Yu did not reach out his hand. Instead, he looked at Lin Nan and said calmly, “How old are you?”

“Thirty-six.” Lin Nan did not understand why Qiao Yu cared about his age all of a sudden.

But the darkness on Qiao Yu face went away. He turned around and left.

“…” Lin Nan’s hand was still up in the air. He watched Qiao Yu leaving in surprise.

Why did he have the feeling that the sudden relief on President Qiao’s face was a big mocking to his age, saying he was old?!