Chapter 152: Are You Saying She Slept With Me?

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The Angel Fund was an association providing special help to children with Leukemia. It got famous because the Movie Queen Shen Weiran joined.

And the charity reception today was actually a charity auction hosted by Ms. Shen Weiran.

“Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to join our charity reception today. I thank you for your attention and kindness to the children with Leukemia. The entire collection from today’s auction will be donated to the Angel Fund.”

Shen Weiran passed the mic to the host next to her and smiled elegantly to the audience. As she walked down the stairs, she happened to see Xia Ning who was standing in a corner on the side.

Xia Ning nodded to Shen Weiran. Shen Weiran saw her face and was surprised. She knew she was the actress who just had a fight with Weiwei. But her face somehow looked familiar to her.

Shen Weiran smiled back at Xia Ning and walked towards her own seat.

Xia Ning watched Shen Weiran’s back and her lips curled up. Her eyes then fell back to the stage.

“The item coming up now is a painting named ‘Me and my parents’, created by a child who has Leukemia.” The host unveiled the painting. “The starting price is 100 thousand, at a 100 thousand increment. Please start bidding now.”

Nobody paid any attention to what was in the painting. Moreover, how good could a young kid be at painting?

They came here to bid for these items, just to give face to Ms. Shen.

“100 thousand!” Someone in the crowd called.

Someone followed, “200.”


Shen Weiwei was a bit drunk. Hearing the bids around her, she took a quick glance at the painting and scoffed. “Why would anybody fight for such a bad painting? Crazy!”

It was very quiet around her, so her voice was a bit loud. Many looked at her.

Shen Tianlang looked at his own sister and felt a headache. She did not pay attention to what she said all the time. Now that she was drunk, she could not care less. He should have stopped her from drinking just now.

“Ten million!” A female voice raised and the ballroom quieted down immediately.

Everyone turned to the girl in the white dress. Her delicate and beautiful face was wearing a slight smile. And her entire body looked elegant and calm.

Ten million for a painting that was not even a real painting. Which family was this girl from? So willful?!

But soon they noticed that it was the actress Xia Ning who just had a fight with Miss Jiang and Miss Song. Ten million, she must be crazy!

Shen Weiran also looked at Xia Ning, feeling confused.

The host heard the silence and felt the atmosphere getting awkward and said, “This Miss is calling at ten million. Any higher bids?”

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning’s face from the side with deep eyes. He turned around and saw the painting in the host’s hands. It was a family of three. Mum and dad were holding hands with the child in a gentle and harmonious way. His eyes turned soft immediately.

“Do you even have ten million to bid?” A scornful voice came from the crowd.

“Weiwei, shut up!” Shen Tianlang shouted in a low voice and looked at Shen Weiwei with a warning. He then looked at Xia Ning in apology.

It looked like Xia Ning felt it and glanced back at him. She smiled slightly at him and seemed to not be affected by Shen Weiwei’s words at all.

Shen Tianlang was surprised. Somehow, he felt there were something unspeakable in her smile.

Shen Weiwei was already upset that Shen Tianlang was helping an outsider but not her. Now that she was drunk, her emotions were even more magnified. She stared at Xia Ning with disdain. “Did I say anything wrong? Some actresses can use anything for fame and money! Who knows where her money is from!”

Next to her, Jiang Xinyi held Shen Weiwei’s hand and comforted her. “Weiwei, don’t do this. I heard since Miss Xia’s debut a year ago, she’s been getting good publicity. Recently, she is in a big production TV show. It is said that Uncle Zeng Jun might ask her to be the female lead in his new movie. So she can’t be using hidden rules.” She glanced over to Xia Ning and looked scornful. She should know what was going to happen to her when she decided to tease her in public!

“Xinyi, you are so naive. Without hidden rules, how could a newcomer be climbing up so fast? Why would any smart person ask her, a nameless actress without background or experience, to be the leading actress! Based on my understanding of the entertainment circle, I’m sure she slept with either the director or the investor.” Shen Weiwei sneered, her eyes filled with disdain.

It was getting even uglier. Shen Tianlang wanted to throw Shen Weiwei out, so he walked over and was arranging for people to take Shen Weiwei home.

“Are you saying she slept with me?” A man’s low voice sounded out of the blue. His cold eyes glanced over Shen Weiwei without any warmth.