Chapter 154: Xia Ning, Let’s Stop Fighting!

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When Xia Ning got out via the side door of the hotel, she recognized the car waiting there. It was Lin Nan’s car.

“Get in!” Lin Nan wound down the car window and said to Xia Ning. Just after a short while, he was all dressed up with sunglasses and a cap.

Xia Ning looked around and did not see a lot of people. She then got in the car directly and sat at the back seat.

When Qiao Yu walked out, he saw Xia Ning being picked up by another car. He noticed it was not her own car and his face turned ugly immediately. It was so late and she dared to ride in other people’s car.

In the car, Xia Ning sat there and texted Wen Yue. She then closed her eyes to take a rest.

“Judging from the attitude of Miss Shen towards you, I can almost guess what happened before I got there.” Lin Nan saw the girl who had her eyes closed through the rearview mirror. “Your mouth is so sharp. I don’t think a lot of people will be able to outspeak you. But you are pretty daring, to joke with President Qiao.”

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “I just stated a fact.”

Lin Nan smiled and continued, “Do you know President Qiao?”

“No!” Xia Ning answered without hesitation.

Lin Nan nodded. “I saw President Qiao helping you out and thought you guys knew each other.”

“Really?” Xia Ning opened her eyes and tilted her head to look at the changing scenery outside the window. She frowned slightly. Even if he was helping her, it was probably because he did not want his ex-wife to lose his face.

“Sorry, I didn’t step in for you just now.” Lin Nan said all of a sudden.

Xia Ning returned to herself and looked at Lin Nan with a vague smile. “Brother Lin, no need to apologize. I understand, if you stepped up under that circumstance, you would not only be unable to help me but also make people believe that I am involved with you. Then we definitely wouldn’t be able to clear our names.”

Her understanding made him feel relieved in a large part. But Lin Nan somehow felt weird down in his heart. It seemed that she separated herself from others too clearly. That is to say, she did not trust him at all. And that was why she did not expect anything from him.

“Director Zeng’s female lead is almost settled.” Lin Nan suddenly changed topics.

Xia Ning looked to him and did not speak.

Lin Nan had a very good understanding of Xia Ning’s calmness. “Congrats to you. The filming starts at the end of August. Since your current TV show is done, you can take a good break until then.”

Xia Ning smiled. “I will have to trouble Brother Lin to take care of me then.”

“Sure, sure. Just remember to take me out to dinner, ” Lin Nan said with a smile.

“Brother Lin, you certainly have a very good memory!” Xia Ning chuckled.

Lin Nan raised his eyebrows. “Definitely. I always remember when someone owes me something. Especially if it’s you.” He looked at the bright face in the rearview mirror and curled his lips. His mood was improved too.

Xia Ning looked at the back of Lin Nan’s head and smiled without saying anything else. Some people did not change, even after a long time.

When the car arrived at the gate of the neighborhood, Xia Ning got off and started to walk towards her building.

Just as she got to the building, Xia Ning saw a black Bentley on the side and a shadow was lying against the front of the car.

When Xia Ning walked up, he looked up at her with a gloomy face. “Whose car did you take to get home?”

Xia Ning stared at Qiao Yu and sneered. “It’s my freedom to take whoever’s car! What does it have to do with you?” As she spoke, she moved forward.

Qiao Yu’s eyes turned dark. He moved his body and walked up to grab Xia Ning’s wrist. He then pulled Xia Ning close to him and put her against the car. “Xia Ning, let’s stop fighting!” he said in a low voice.