Chapter 155: You Don’t Believe Me

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Qiao Yu’s sudden movement caught Xia Ning by surprise. Within a moment, her legs were pushed against the front of the car by him, her wrists held tight by two big hands. She could not move at all. The anger in her chest rose immediately. “Fighting? You think we are in a fight? Are you insane?!”

As she moved up her sight, she met his deep eyes and her heart skipped a beat. She said with a serious voice, “Let me go!”

Qiao Yu saw her frown and realized that his movements were a bit too much just now. He let her loose and said in a low voice, “Let’s talk.”

He loosened his hands and stepped back. Xia Ning felt the suppressed feelings just now were gone. She rubbed her wrists and sneered at Qiao Yu. “What do we have left to talk about? We’ve talked about everything three years ago.”

“The thing that I asked you to consider last time. What do you think?” Qiao Yu looked at her and asked.

Xia Ning frowned. What did he ask her to consider? She had no memory of that.

Just at that time, Xia Ning’s phone rang. She took it out from her bag to pick up the call.

“Hello. I’m kind of in the middle of something. I’ll call you back.”

Xia Ning hung up and put her phone back in her bag.

“Who was that?” The man’s gloomy voice came. Who was calling her so late at night? Her voice was way too gentle.

Xia Ning was surprised by the question. She darted a look at Qiao Yu and answered with a smile, “It was obviously a guy. A handsome one too. After all, my looks are not bad. It is not strange for people to be wooing me.”

Qiao Yu’s face turned bad immediately. He glanced at Xia Ning coldly. “Xia Ning, do not make me mad.”

“Mad?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu scornfully. “Why on earth would you be mad? Who I talk to on the phone has nothing to do with you. Don’t say any nonsense about me being your ex-wife or you my ex-husband. Are you saying even after our divorce, you won’t let me find someone else? President Qiao, that sounds a little overbearing.”

The veins on his forehead were popping out and the air around them seemed to get colder. He stepped up and looked at Xia Ning with intimidation. “You are right. I won’t allow it!”

Xia Ning’s heart tightened and felt a bit weird. Her hands could not help but cling to her dress. She looked up to refute, “For what?!”

“Seems like you forgot what I told you last time. So I will say it again,” Qiao Yu said word by word. “Let’s get married again!”

“Huh…” Xia Ning smirked. “Did I hear it wrong? Are you actually serious?!”

“What are you talking about?” Qiao Yu’s face was somewhat black. So all this time she thought he was joking?!

Xia Ning looked to him and sneered. “I don’t know why you are having this idea again all of a sudden. If you want to give Enoch a complete home, that’s not persuasive at all. If you suddenly fall in love with me and have to be with me, huh… It has been four or five years since we got married and divorced. If you just started to like me, that’s a very long reflection. So, I won’t accept it. Do you understand?”

Even though Qiao Yu’s EQ might be low, his IQ was still there. He looked to her and frowned. “You don’t believe me?”

“Why should I believe you?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and sneered. “You married me back then because of the kid; that we both know. Three years ago, I was young and beautiful. Yet you did not like me. There is no way you would fall in love with me now suddenly. President Qiao, think before you do anything. The first divorce might be due to naivety. A second one might be due to fate. But if you are divorced a third time, people will think you are a jerk.”