Chapter 156: Reason For The Divorce

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If he did not love her, he should not have given her any hope. And after giving her hope, he gave her a cruel reality. Wasn’t that something only a jerk would do?

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu. She had given up a long time ago, but she did not understand why he was after her now.

“You asked for the divorce back then!” Qiao Yu suddenly said.

Xia Ning was caught by surprise, but she smiled right after. “Yeah, it was me who asked for the divorce. After all, I slept with President Qiao and had President Qiao’s baby. I couldn’t occupy the title of President Qiao’s wife as well. But karma is a strange thing. I don’t care about you anymore, but you care about me now.” She raised her eyebrows and looked playful.

Qiao Yu looked at her with his deep eyes. He did not speak.

Xia Ning smiled slightly and moved a few steps to the side. She turned her back to Qiao Yu and said coldly, “Qiao Yu, I don’t understand why all of a sudden you want to remarry me. But I do want to ask you a question. You talked about remarrying me, but did you ever think about the reason why I divorced you?”

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning’s back and his eyes got dark. He asked directly, “Why?”

Xia Ning turned her head around to look at Qiao Yu. She then sneered. “If you don’t even know about that, what right do you have to ask me to remarry you?” Once she finished her words, she turned around and walked towards the building.

This time, Qiao Yu did not stop her. He stared at Xia Ning’s back and the colors changed on his handsome face. The reason for the divorce?

When Xia Ning got back home, she did not turn on any lights and sat straight on the couch.

Why did he appear in front of her like nothing ever happened and asked her to remarry him? Back then, he also asked her to marry him just like this, without even thinking. That was probably why when she asked for a divorce, he agreed to it easily. Because he did not care.

Xia Ning closed her eyes slowly and her facial expression showed irony. Those memories that she did not want to think about came to her.

In Cambridge, UK, on the avenue in school, Li Xiao was holding Xia Ning’s hand and running. She said, “Asteria, faster. We gotta go faster, otherwise, the talk will be over.”

Xia Ning followed her forward helplessly and said somewhat unwillingly, “Let it be. I have an exam in the afternoon.”

“No worries. It won’t affect your exam. Also, now that Qiao Yu is graduating, we probably won’t have another chance of seeing him again. Why don’t you treasure your chance?” Li Xiao blinked at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning was a bit speechless. Maybe it was because she was after Qiao Yu too much before and forgot to keep it under the covers. Nowadays, everyone in the Chinese student circle knew about it.

When all the boys that were after her before learned that she liked the Qiao Yu type, they did not even bother her as much as before.

In fact, ever since Qiao Yu thought she was a calculated girl, she did not chase after Qiao Yu anymore. But the rumors were getting worse. She herself felt very upset.

“I have nothing to do with Qiao Yu. Don’t overthink. I should go back and prepare for my exam.” Xia Ning stopped all of a sudden. Just in case Qiao Yu would be upset to see her.

Li Xiao saw her not moving and looked at her wordlessly. She then said, “We are already outside the auditorium. What’s so wrong about going in there and listening to a talk? Even if you don’t like him anymore, it might be a good thing to listen to his talk. Aren’t you from the same major? Maybe it will help you later! You know Qiao Yu’s own company is doing great in England. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been invited by the school to be giving this talk right after his own graduation.”

Xia Ning was a bit helpless. She looked at the auditorium right in front and eventually nodded.

Right, they were from the same major. It was just a talk.