Chapter 157: Encounter At Dinner

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The auditorium was full of people already. Qiao Yu was not there yet. Many girls were holding their phones, waiting to take a photo.

Xia Ning pulled Li Xiao who was still looking around. “I don’t see any seats. Let’s just go.”

Li Xiao did not reply and took out her phone to make a call. After a few words, she hung up and said to Xia Ning, “Someone got seats for us. They are over there. Let’s go.”

Xia Ning knew she could not avoid it anymore and followed Li Xiao as if she gave up on fighting. But she did not expect the seats to be in the middle of the third row. These were like the best seats under Qiao Yu’s nose.

She could not help but admire the power of Li Xiao’s friends, being able to keep these seats for this long.

Just as she was sitting down, Xia Ning saw Qiao Yu coming in with others. The audience quieted down immediately.

He was wearing a white shirt, trousers, and black leather shoes, looking unapproachable. He walked to the podium with confidence and looked down at the audience.

Seeing Qiao Yu looking into the audience, Xia Ning lowered her head, hoping that he would not see her.

After about a minute, Xia Ning secretly looked up at the man at the podium. He was saying something to a guy next to him. It looked like he really did not notice her. She felt relieved, but at the same time, somewhat disappointed.

The talk started very soon. Qiao Yu’s English was very fluent. His logic was impeccable and his language was also very concise and original. The girls who were just there to see him in the beginning all forgot to take photos but were instead listening to him carefully.

Throughout the entire talk, Qiao Yu did not see Xia Ning, as if he did not notice her at all. But Xia Ning could not hear a thing.

Seeing the brilliant man in front of the podium, the bitter feeling of being rejected came up to her again. Yes, he was so outstanding that he would never like someone who threw herself on him like her.

Fine, just let it go.

After the talk, Qiao Yu left with his assistants.

Many students stood up and chased after him, wanting to take photos with this financial talent.

“Asteria, let’s also go. Maybe this is the final chance.” Li Xiao pulled Xia Ning with her, wanting to be part of it.

But Xia Ning shook her head at her. “I can’t. There are so many people and I have an exam in the afternoon. I gotta go.” As she spoke, she left despite Li Xiao trying to stop her.

In the afternoon exam, Xia Ning could not calm herself down. Qiao Yu already graduated so they would not cross paths anymore. She did not have to worry about being looked down upon by him. But somehow, she felt very anxious.

When she got out of the classroom, Xia Ning saw Li Xiao standing at the door. She was a bit helpless. Why did she follow her here?

“Asteria, I’m telling you, we have a gathering for the international students tonight.” Li Xiao held Xia Ning’s hand and said with excitement, “I’m here just to invite you.”

“Don’t count me in.” Xia Ning rejected directly. She was really not in the mood.

“No, you have to go. You don’t have anything on tonight. And we are going back to China once the exams are done. We won’t see you in a long while. We should really get together tonight. Don’t say no.” Li Xiao immediately cut Xia Ning off.

Xia Ning hesitated a little, then nodded.

The gathering was in a nearby Chinese restaurant. The entire restaurant was booked for the event.

When Xia Ning and Li Xiao arrived, most of them were already there. Li Xiao took Xia Ning to sit at the innermost table.

Xia Ning sat down with Li Xiao and just as she was ready to introduce herself, she found the person sitting across the table was Qiao Yu!

And Qiao Yu was looking back at her, with a mysterious look.