Chapter 158: Drunk

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Xia Ning looked down immediately to keep a low profile. She did not want him to think that she showed up in front of him on purpose.

“Come on, this is to our Big Talent Qiao.” A guy at the same table started.

Xia Ning saw everyone else holding the cup and followed.

Qiao Yu also took up the glass and clinked it to the glasses of the people around him. He then drank with his head up. His perfect jawline and the thick black hair together with his move were so elegant that Xia Ning could not move her eyes away.

Xia Ning was a bit stunned. But she knew his attitude clearly, so she came back to herself quickly and started drinking her own glass of wine. She lowered her head, trying to cover the emotions in her eyes.

Li Xiao next to her was chatting with others. Seeing that Xia Ning had her head down, she could not help but say with a smile, “Xia Ning, why are you not talking? Brother Qiao is graduating so why don’t you drink with him to congratulate him?”

Xia Ning looked up to see everyone at the table staring at Qiao Yu and her. His face was emotionless as if he was not familiar with her at all.

What she thought was love at first sight, the most romantic thing in the world, might be a burden to him. Or maybe he never put this on his mind at all.

If before she was not reconciled, today she should be able to put everything down.

Xia Ning took her glass and stood up. She looked at Qiao Yu with both hands holding the glass and said with a smile, “Congrats to Brother Qiao for all your accomplishments. You have always been our role model. I hope Brother’s career will be more and more successful. I will drink first for this toast.” As she raised her head, she downed the wine in her glass.

“Well done!” People around her were laughing and joking.

Qiao Yu saw her finishing the drink and held up his glass to drink. But he did not say anything.

People there all somewhat knew about Xia Ning chasing after Qiao Yu before. So of course they did not talk too much to upset Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning sat down but somehow, she felt more excited. She poured herself some more wine and started to drink with people one by one.

She did not like drinking but somehow, she felt the wine tonight tasted very good, allowing her to forget about her worries.

It was so crowded and happy in the restaurant. After the meal, it was already midnight.

Xia Ning leaned over the table and felt very dizzy with weak legs. She did not know how much she actually drank and could barely hear people talking on the table.

“We are going to the bar. Brother, are you coming with us?” someone suggested.

“Nope. I have a meeting tomorrow.” Qiao Yu’s voice was calm.

“Oh, sure. Brother, you are always so busy. What about Asteria? We can’t take her to the bar.”

“Who can get Asteria home? I don’t know where she lives.”

“Isn’t Asteria familiar with Alex? Let Alex do it.”

With all her dizziness, Xia Ning lost track of where she was. It felt like she walked very far but her nose was filled with the light scent of him together with the wine. It was not strong and even a little cold. But somehow, she felt very peaceful.

After that, she had a dream, one with color.

He pushed her against the wall and started kissing her fiercely without control, without any gentleness.

She was not happy about being under his control and started to fight back. She kissed him back, surrounding him with eagerness.

The two were fighting enthusiastically from the wall, to the sofa, to the ground, and finally to the bed. When that sense of pain arrived, she held him tight. This dream was so real. And under the gentle attack of the person on her, her senses fell apart again, as if she was in the most beautiful place in the world filled with happiness.

Until the next morning when she woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar room, on a messy bed. Seeing the bright red stain on the bed, Xia Ning finally realized what happened last night.