Chapter 159: Let’s Get Married

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Xia Ning stared at the black and blue bruises on her body and had the urge to kill herself. There were clothes all over the floor. That was intense.

And if that dream was real, then she and Qiao Yu… The scenes from the dream last night flashed in her head. She felt her face getting hot.

“Click!” The door opened all of a sudden.

Xia Ning looked up and saw Qiao Yu with a bag in his hand. He was wearing a T-shirt and casual pants, very homey. He looked more like a handsome and bright student now.

Xia Ning saw him walking towards her and lowered her head. She did not dare to look at him. What happened last night was completely out of her expectation. She was really drunk. She could not even remember what happened exactly.

But, without a doubt, she slept with him.

A bag was given to Xia Ning. The man’s low voice came. “Get changed and come out for breakfast.”

“Thanks. Thank you.” When Xia Ning spoke, she found her voice a bit hoarse. She definitely drank too much last night.

“Drink some water.” Qiao Yu took a glass of water from the side desk and passed it to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took it and thanked immediately, “Thank you, Brother.” She held her head low and could not look at him.

“Sure.” Qiao Yu turned around and left, closing the door for her.

Xia Ning felt she lost all her face. What should she do? What should she do? Were they really having breakfast together later? Could they just pretend nothing happened last night?

Seeing the bag in her hand, Xia Ning calmed down slowly. Whatever. She needed to get changed first.

The clothes fitted her well and were from a brand that she would normally wear. The person who got the clothes was really considerate. Xia Ning did not have time to think more closely and picked up her own clothes from the ground to put in the bag. Then, she finally started looking around the bedroom.

The room was big and well equipped with furniture. But there was very little related to him. The only thing there was a photo on the bedside table. There were three people in the photo. The older man looked like Qiao Yu and the woman seemed to be well-maintained. Qiao Yu’s eyes were very much like hers. They should be his parents.

When Xia Ning walked out of the bedroom, she started looking around the living room. Qiao Yu’s home was like Qiao Yu himself, cold, without much warmth.

After some casual glances, Xia Ning saw Qiao Yu busy in the kitchen. He looked very practiced, which made this cold man now look somewhat homey.

Qiao Yu took two plates from the kitchen and saw Xia Ning staring at him. He said calmly, “Breakfast is ready.”

“Okay, cool.” Xia Ning walked to the table immediately.

Seeing the golden fried egg on the table, Xia Ning finally realized why Qiao Yu never ate the lunch she prepared. Even the looks were very far apart, not to mention the taste.

“I will take responsibility for what happened last night.”

Across the table, Qiao Yu’s voice came suddenly.

Finally. Xia Ning looked up to Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “No, no worries.”

“Huh?” Qiao Yu frowned.

Xia Ning explained, “It was an accident yesterday. You should not pay attention to it.” As she spoke, she took a bite of the egg. “Brother, you really made this well. How did you do it?”

“Xia Ning!” Qiao Yu put down his chopsticks and stared at her.

Seeing his deep eyes on her, Xia Ning swallowed the egg and stood up immediately. “I just remembered that I have an exam this afternoon. I’m running out of time. I have to go now.” As she spoke, she ran into the bedroom and grabbed the bag with her clothes and rushed towards outside.

Qiao Yu was already at the door. He looked at her with his deep eyes. “You have two months to think about it.”

Xia Ning nodded immediately. “Sure, I will think about it.” As she spoke, she ran outside directly.

The next few days, Xia Ning focused on her exams and did not look for Qiao Yu. And Qiao Yu did not talk to her either, as if the incident that night had passed.

Until Xia Ning found that she missed two periods, she realized something was wrong.

She saw the two lines on the pregnancy test and was shocked. She did not know how she picked up her phone and called Qiao Yu who was in China.

“Qiao Yu, I’m pregnant. What should I do?”

The man on the other side went silent for two seconds and then said, “Xia Ning, I will be there soon. Also, let’s get married.”