Chapter 160: Investigate Shen Weiran For Me

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Xia Ning opened her eyes suddenly. The room was still dark. She moved her body and realized that she was still on the couch.

She took a look at her phone to see the time. It was already 3 am. There were a few missed calls.

She stood up and called back. She moved to the French window. There were no stars tonight and the dark clouds covered the moon.

The other side answered.

“It took you five hours to call back.” A man’s voice came from the phone.

Xia Ning curled up her lips and sneered. “I called back late because I didn’t feel like doing it.”

The man on the other side went silent for a little and said suddenly, “I hope you don’t make the same mistake for a second time.”

Xia Ning’s face turned cold. “I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I told you, don’t call me if nothing is going on.” She hung up directly.

One of her hands fell onto the window. She lowered her head and her long hair covered her face. Her hand pushed against the window as if she was holding something back.

“Bam!” All of a sudden she threw her phone on the ground. The phone shattered into pieces. Her body moved down against the window and finally huddled up. She sat against the window, with her head buried deep in her arms.

The moon that was behind the clouds before jumped out. The moonlight fell onto her slim body and it was full of helplessness and loneliness.

The next morning, Qiao Yu stood in front of Xia Ning’s door with his briefcase and Enoch. He rang the doorbell a couple of times but no one answered the door.

He also called, but her phone was turned off.

“Daddy, is Mummy not home?” Enoch looked to Qiao Yu, his face filled with disappointment.

Qiao Yu did not answer. He saw the closed door in front of him and frowned deeply.

After a while, Qiao Yu said, “Your mum might still be sleeping. I will send you to Grandma’s and pick you up at night.”

“No, I don’t want to go back to Grandma’s. I want Mummy. I just want Mummy.” Enoch resisted with a stubborn face.

Qiao Yu looked at the tiny body beneath him and frowned. “Be good!”

Enoch pouted and did not dare to refute. But his tiny face was full of sadness, his lantern-like eyes filled with tears.

“Click!” The door opened.

“What are you guys doing at the door?” A lazy female voice came.

Qiao Yu and Enoch looked over immediately. The person in front of them was in her pajamas with messy hair and sleepy eyes, apparently just awake.

“Mummy, Daddy is bad!” Enoch hugged Xia Ning’s legs immediately and complained to her about Qiao Yu’s ‘brutal actions’!

Qiao Yu’s veins popped out on his forehead. He looked at Enoch helplessly and then moved his eyes to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning lowered her head and smiled at Enoch. “Did Daddy bully you?”

“Yup, Daddy didn’t allow me to find you. He wanted to send me to Grandma’s.” Enoch said wrongfully. Both of his arms held Xia Ning very tightly. “No, I want to stay with Mummy.”

Xia Ning touched his head and said softly, “Sure, let’s stay together today.” She looked up at Qiao Yu calmly. “We talked about it the day before yesterday.”

Knowing Xia Ning might have been mistaken, Qiao Yu explained, “I rang the doorbell and no one answered. Your phone did not get through either, so I thought you were not home and planned to send Enoch to my mum’s place.”

“Sorry, I was in a deep sleep and my phone ran out of battery,” Xia Ning said calmly.

Qiao Yu saw her pale face and asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

“Nope, it’s because I just woke up.” Xia Ning looked back to Qiao Yu. “You should go to work. Come back early for dinner.”

Qiao Yu’s dark eyes flashed slightly and he nodded. “Sure. Call me if anything.”

When Qiao Yu walked downstairs, he still felt what Xia Ning said was unreal. Just now, she was exactly like a wife taking care of the kid, waiting for her husband to come home.

He then thought of something that had to be done. Qiao Yu took out his phone and called Chen Hong. “Investigate Shen Weiran for me now.”