Chapter 161: Your Daddy Treats You Well

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When Xia Ning took Enoch in, she put him on the couch to watch TV while she went to clean up.

She opened the fridge and there were only a few eggs and juices left. Xia Ning took out a bottle of juice and poured it into a glass before she took it out to Enoch.

Enoch sipped the juice and continued to watch cartoons.

Xia Ning sat next to him to watch it with him.

Xia Ning looked at Enoch’s face from the side. He really looked like Qiao Yu. Even their personalities were similar, both were very quiet.

“Do you normally watch cartoon by yourself?”

Enoch tilted his head to look at Xia Ning. He said with a smile, “Daddy sometimes watches it with me. But Daddy is so stupid. He can’t understand.”

Xia Ning looked surprised. Qiao Yu watching cartoons?

She could not possibly imagine that. But, she was really surprised that he would have the patience for a kid.

“Does Enoch like Daddy?” Xia Ning continued.

Enoch nodded immediately. “Yup yup. I like Daddy the most.”

Xia Ning smiled and touched Enoch’s head. “Your Daddy treats you well.”

“Yup!” Enoch continued to nod, but his eyes were attracted by the cartoon on TV.

Xia Ning followed Enoch’s eyes but her eyes dimmed.

Not long after, the doorbell rang. Xia Ning went to get the door.

Lu Qing was panting against the wall. There were two bags of groceries next to her feet. When she saw Xia Ning, she gave Xia Ning a sharp look immediately.

“Sister, am I really your maid?!”

Xia Ning smiled, “Thank you. I will buy you a meal some other time.”

“One is not enough!” Lu Qing hummed.

Xia Ning smiled. “Sure, ten then. Where is the phone?”

Lu Qing was finally satisfied. She took out a brand new phone from her bag and handed it to Xia Ning. “Where is your phone?”

“I broke it accidentally.” Xia Ning brought the phone and the two bags in and put them next to the door.

“No way, even if you break your phone, there is no need to get a new card.” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with confusion.

Xia Ning said calmly, “When my phone fell onto the ground, both were broken!” As she spoke, she shut the door.

“Hey, Xia Ning!” Lu Qing saw the closed door and yelled, “You don’t even ask me in after I brought you all these! How could you kick me to the curb like this?”

The door was still shut. Lu Qing was speechless and had the urge to kick the door. She stood there for a couple of seconds and left.

Xia Ning took the groceries to the kitchen and then went into her room to put her card into the new phone. She then made a call.

In the big conference room, management was doing the quarterly report. Someone’s phone rang suddenly and the entire office quieted down at once.

Everyone’s heart tightened in the room. Their eyes fell onto the man at the top eventually.

Qiao Yu’s eyebrows moved and gestured for a pause. He took out his phone and looked at the number. After a few seconds of silence, he finally picked up.

“Hello, what’s the matter?”

“Fine for me. You can make the decision.”

“Call me directly if there is anything else. Yup.”

After Qiao Yu hung up, he stared at the screen and curled his lips up unconsciously.

The management team felt like they saw something crazy. Did they see it wrong? Did Boss just smile?! Whose call was it that made the unapproachable boss smile like this?

It was said that Boss’s rumored fiancée came to the company. Was that Miss Jiang who called?

Seeing everyone’s eyes on him, Qiao Yu changed his expression and glanced over everyone with a sharp look. “Continue!”

The people took their gazes back. Obviously, the future wife of Boss was more charming!