Chapter 162: Does She Really Look Like Me?

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After calling Qiao Yu, Xia Ning took the card out, broke it immediately and threw it into the garbage bin. She put in the new card and called Zheng Ziming.

“Ziming, is the news out?”

“Yup, because of that ten million donation, someone says you look like Ms. Shen. They say you most likely became the female lead so fast because you look like Shen Weiran. Of course, many are suspecting your income.” Zheng Ziming’s voice came from the phone.

“I see. Leave this one alone.” Xia Ning said calmly. As if she thought of something, she continued, “Your suggestion last time, I agree.”

Zheng Ziming was caught by surprise for a moment, then he yelled with excitement, “Ah, really?”

Xia Ning moved her phone away and said calmly, “Yup, I will talk to you later. I have something going on.” As she spoke, she hung up and started searching on her phone.

Without a doubt, the headlines were her. ‘Newcomer throwing ten million for charity: Best Actress Goddess was her idol.’

The comments were increasing.

“Gosh, a nameless actress like Xia Ning is this rich!”

“She’s slept with so many rich people. Ten million is like nothing. Even 100 million does not mean anything.”

“Who knows if she was really Ms. Shen’s fan. I suspect she was trying to connect with Ms. Shen and take the opportunity to be famous.”

“I don’t care where Xia Ning’s money is from. At least she was doing charity. You haters talk about this and that. Why don’t you donate ten million for charity!”

“Is it just me who thinks Xia Ning looks like Ms. Shen?”

Xia Ning turned off her phone and curled up her lips. This was just the start.

In the living room, Xia Ning saw Enoch sitting like before. Apparently, he was attracted by the cartoon.

Her eyes looked complicated. Kids are the most naive, innocent beings. Those stories with the grownups should not have affected him.

But, she had no regrets or guilt. Because he and Qiao Yu had a good life all these years.

After a moment of silence, she walked over. “Enoch, are you hungry?”

“Mummy, yes… I want kiwis.” Enoch turned around to look at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning said with a smile, “I got it. I’ll get some kiwis now.”

Xia Ning went into the kitchen and took out some kiwis from the fridge. She cut them open with a knife and put them on the plate. Then she put a spoon on the plate and took it out.

Enoch saw the kiwis on the plate and reached out immediately.

Xia Ning saw that and said to Enoch with a smile, “Mummy knows that Enoch is a man but let Mummy feed you, okay?”

Enoch took back his hand and nodded immediately. “Ok, Mummy, please.”

Seeing Enoch behaving so well, Xia Ning felt a bit bitter. Qiao Yu was a man after all and did not spoil the kid at all. So many times, Enoch was behaving like a grownup.

She took the spoon and spooned out some kiwi for Enoch.

Enoch opened his mouth and ate it with a loud noise. “Tastes great!” He nodded.

“Eat more then.” Xia Ning took another spoonful to feed him. The mother and the child spent a warm afternoon like this.

In the Song house, Shen Weiran was sitting on the sofa in a bright red dress. Her fingers were holding a cigarette and her manager Li Da was updating her with the news today.

“Using your name this time, Xia Ning is in the headlines directly,” Li Da said to Shen Weiran. “Is she really a fan of yours?”

Shen Weiran took a puff and said calmly, “I don’t know. I asked Weiwei and this Xia Ning owns a hair salon.”

“People on the Internet say you look alike!” Li Da frowned. “You know people make publicity stunts using looks. I’m just worried that tomorrow, the headlines will be about the ‘little Shen Weiran’. Then, you will be paving the way for others.”

Shen Weiran’s elegant eyebrows frowned a little. She turned to Li Da and asked suddenly, “Does she really look like me?”