Chapter 163: Why Aren’t Daddy And Mummy Living Together

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On the 28th floor of the Shengshi building, the door of the CEO’s office opened. Qiao Yu walked out with his briefcase.

Chen Lin stood up immediately and said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, do you need me to arrange anything?”

“No need. I’m taking off.” Qiao Yu walked to the elevator and pressed the button.

Chen Lin was very surprised. Going home this early was not like President Qiao at all.

“President Qiao leaving this early must be because he has a date.” The assistant on the side said with a smile.

Another assistant followed, “I heard during the meeting today, President Qiao picked up a call and looked very happy. They all say it must be from his fiancée.”

“Must be that Miss Jiang.”

Chen Lin frowned and darted a look at the two assistants. “Work!”

When Qiao Yu came back, it was only half-past five. Xia Ning did not even have the food ready.

Seeing Qiao Yu coming back so early, Xia Ning was confused too. Wasn’t he very busy?

Qiao Yu explained as if he knew what was on her mind, “I don’t have too much to do today.”

Xia Ning’s lips moved but she did not speak. She turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Qiao Yu saw the slippers at the door and was a bit surprised. Last time he came, they were not there. His lips curled up a little and he changed into slippers to walk in.

Enoch saw Qiao Yu coming back and ran to him immediately asking for a hug. “Daddy!”

Qiao Yu threw his briefcase on the couch and held Enoch up. He asked, “What did you do today at home?”

“Mummy watched cartoons with me and played puzzles with me. And gave me a lot of good food.” Enoch said with excitement.

Qiao Yu tilted his head to look at the busy person in the kitchen. Her moves were organized and practiced, apparently good at cooking. He remembered, when they just got married, she would almost burn the kitchen when she tried to cook.

So, who did she improve her cooking skills for? And who did she cook for all these years?

As he thought more, Qiao Yu’s face turned a little ugly.

When all the dishes were out, Qiao Yu looked at the dozen plates on the table and frowned slightly. “Isn’t this too much?”

Xia Ning put the soup in the center and answered, “If I’m thanking you, I gotta show my sincerity. I haven’t cooked this much food in a long time. If they don’t taste good, please forgive me.”

Qiao Yu looked at her jade-like hands and said suddenly, “There is no need for you to cook from now on…”

Xia Ning tilted her head to look at him. “Huh?” She smiled, “I know you are afraid that my food doesn’t taste good. Just put up with it tonight.” As she spoke, she pulled Enoch into the bathroom to wash hands.

Qiao Yu frowned slightly. He obviously did not mean that.

On the table, Xia Ning was picking out all kinds of bones for Enoch carefully. Enoch was eating happily.

“Eat more.” Xia Ning said to Qiao Yu with a smile.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s soft look and was surprised. He thought she would not have a good expression for him today after their talk yesterday. But she obviously looked different today from before.

“Sure!” Qiao Yu answered and brought some food to his bowl. After a few bites, he said, “They taste very good.”

Xia Ning’s eyes flashed and then she said with a smile, “If you like it, eat more.”

Enoch took a bite out of a piece of meat, and all of a sudden he said to Xia Ning and Qiao Yu, “Daddy, why isn’t Mummy living with us?”

Qiao Yu’s hand that was holding chopsticks paused for a second and he looked at Xia Ning across the table.

Enoch saw that Qiao Yu did not answer him so he turned to Xia Ning and opened his big eyes wide. “Mummy, why don’t you live with me and Daddy? Other kids live with their Mummy and Daddy.”