Chapter 164: The Move

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The most difficult questions from a kid for the parents were, why they were not together and why someone abandoned him.

Xia Ning looked at Enoch’s tiny face and touched his head. Kids had the purest mind and thought about things in a simple way. They could not guess that the parents in their eyes were not together anymore.

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning’s face from the side and knew it was difficult to answer this question. He immediately turned to Enoch and said, “I will tell you later. Now, do not disturb Mummy when she is eating.”

“It’s okay. You can’t avoid this forever.” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and smiled slightly. “Trust me.”

Qiao Yu looked at her and his eyes were dark. He obviously did not know what she had in mind.

Xia Ning looked at Enoch and said with a smile, “Just like how Enoch wants to be a scientist when you grow up, Mummy has her dream as well. Mummy wants to be someone like Daddy who can protect Enoch. So before Mummy becomes someone like that, Mummy cannot live with you and Daddy.”

“But Daddy can protect us.” Enoch looked to Qiao Yu. “Daddy, will you protect me and Mummy?”

Qiao Yu saw his son’s sincere look and nodded. “Yes.” As he spoke, he looked at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning looked back at him and seemed at peace.

“So can Mummy live with us?” Enoch said to Xia Ning again.

Xia Ning smiled. “But Grandma needs Daddy’s protection. Mummy is a grownup and needs to protect herself. Do you want Grandma to be left alone without anyone protecting her?”

Enoch heard that and his face showed some concern.

Xia Ning continued, “When Mummy can protect herself, Mummy will come live with Enoch and Daddy. Okay?”

Enoch thought for a second and reached out his fingers, “Then, let’s do a pinky promise.”

Xia Ning smiled and reached out her hand as well to do the pinky promise with Enoch.

Qiao Yu saw the interaction between the two and his dark eyes were filled with certain emotions. His face turned a bit softer as well.

After dinner, Enoch watched TV on the couch and fell asleep.

Qiao Yu lay against the kitchen door and watched Xia Ning clean up the dishes. Her movements were very clean, unlike other girls who would be disgusted by the dirt and just let it be.

“I did not teach Enoch to say that today.” Qiao Yu felt like something needed to be explained.

Xia Ning put the clean dishes into the cupboard and took off the rubber gloves. She turned to him and said calmly, “I know.”

Qiao Yu felt like this was not the answer he wanted, but he did not want to talk more about it. So he continued, “When did you learn to cook?”

He knew clearly that jealousy had been lingering in his heart. He wanted to know who she learned cooking for.

Xia Ning put more dishes in the cupboard and turned around to look at Qiao Yu. She said with a smile, “Don’t you know?”

“Huh?” Qiao Yu looked at her with confusion.

Xia Ning smiled and did not talk anymore. She walked past him and looked at Enoch who was asleep on the couch. “Enoch’s asleep. Take him back, ” she said.

Qiao Yu walked over and asked, “Should we let him sleep with you tonight?”

“No need. I have not been sleeping well lately. I should not let him suffer with me.” Xia Ning looked at Enoch and bent over. She touched his soft black hair and spoke after a moment of silence, “You take good care of him.”

All of a sudden, Qiao Yu had a weird feeling in his heart, as if he was about to lose something. He knew the feeling way too well.

“Xia Ning, let’s talk again about what happened before.”

Xia Ning looked up at Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “I thought about it yesterday and felt that there is no need. What’s gone is gone. We have to move on.”

Qiao Yu looked at her with deep eyes. Could it just be gone? She was way too calm today.

But certain things were better to be forgotten.

The next morning, Qiao Yu sent Enoch over and ran into the exact same situation as yesterday. No one answered the doorbell or picked up the phone.

When he came back at night, it was the same.

It was not until the next morning when someone came to check out the place, that Qiao Yu finally learned that Xia Ning had moved!