Chapter 165: The Anger

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In front of the apartment, Zhang Yan, the sales representative was introducing the layout of the entire building to a man in his fifties, including the location and Fengshui of the room she was trying to sell today.

But as she spoke, she caught sight of the tall man next door.

It was her first time seeing such a handsome and elegant man. The homewear on him could not cover his outstanding nobleness. His eyes were as deep as a swirl, as if a single look would trap someone.

Why would such an outstanding man be living here? Also, why did he look somewhat familiar?

“Who let you come here!” A cold man’s voice came suddenly.

“Huh?” Zhang Yan was shocked and when she came to herself, she looked at the cold man in front of her with confusion. Somehow, she felt nervous.

Qiao Yu frowned, “Leave now. This one is not for sale!”

The man who wanted the showing heard this and was immediately upset. He shouted at Qiao Yu, “You say not for sale and it’s not for sale? Who do you think you are!”

Zhang Yan said to Qiao Yu immediately, “Sir, the owner of this apartment has sold the place to us, Shengshi Real Estate, at a low price…”

“That’s why I say it’s not for sale!” Qiao Yu darted a cold look at Zhang Yan and picked up his phone to make a call immediately.

Seeing the overbearing man, Zhang Yan could not help but swallow a little. Why did she felt that person was the overbearing CEO type? Could he buy the place himself at a very high price just out of spite?

“Why didn’t I know her place is for sale? Who gave you permission to sell it! If you can’t take care of this, you can leave!” Qiao Yu hung up and shot a cold look at the two at the door. He then turned around and went inside.

“Bam!” The door was shut. Zhang Yan’s heart almost jumped out. She was definitely not off to a good start today. Somehow, she felt she was in trouble.

The client was so mad and complained to Zhang Yan, “Who the heck was that! Why did he yell at me? He did not want me to be his neighbor. But did he think I want to live next door to him! He looks like someone who can’t keep his wife…”

The corner of Zhang Yan’s mouth twitched. Even though this guy had a bad temper, his looks were so impeccable that he could easily get a lady’s heart. Even she was a bit moved. But he was definitely way out of her league.

Chen Hong received Boss’s anger out of the blue. But he understood what Boss was talking about. He contacted the people at Shengshi Real Estate immediately and got the answers very soon.

Zhang Yan tried very hard to make the client stay. Just as she was opening the door, a call came.

“Hello? Ah, Boss. Yes, I’m Zhang Yan.”

“Yes, I understand. I will take care of it now!” Zhang Yan looked at the phone in shock. She couldn’t believe that her general manager called her just now! Someone who could control their general manager… She thought of the face next door and realized that she had seen it somewhere.

“Are you selling this or not?” The client saw her lost in thought and felt very unhappy.

Zhang Yan returned to herself and looked at the client in apology. “Sorry, Mr. Liu. Someone already bought this place…”

“Are you crazy? If it’s already sold, why did you ask me to check this out and waste my time? I will file a complaint!” Mr. Liu turned around and left in anger.

“Mr. Liu, wait for me. I have other places too!” Zhang Yan followed him immediately. But her eyes fell onto the door that the man just went in. My god, big boss actually lived here! That was big news!

After a short while, Chen Hong sent over the keys to Xia Ning’s place. Staring at Boss’s dark face, he moved to the side and tried to avoid collateral damage.

But this Miss Xia was very daring to leave Boss without telling him. No wonder Boss was mad!

But he was curious how Boss drove her away even with the kid. His EQ was surely questionable!

Qiao Yu opened the door and looked around. Most of the stuff was still there. Only the clothes and shoes were gone.

Seeing the decorations in Xia Ning’s room, Qiao Yu’s eyes turned dark. Besides a bed, there was only one bedside table. It was way too cold. Just as he turned around and was ready to leave, his eyes fell onto the garbage bin next to the door. He walked over and saw a broken phone, together with a broken sim card.