Chapter 166: You Are Young And Proud!

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In the Mountain Villa, Xia Ning got changed and put on some makeup. Then, she heard some noise from downstairs.

“Be careful. Don’t drop this!” Zheng Ziming’s voice sounded.

Xia Ning went to the balcony and saw Zheng Ziming asking the moving people to move in stuff in the downstairs garden.

“You, come up for a second!” Xia Ning yelled at Zheng Ziming.

Zheng Ziming looked up at the balcony and saw Xia Ning going inside. He hurried inside and went upstairs.

At the staircase, Xia Ning saw Zheng Ziming sweating all over and passed some tissue paper to him. “What are you doing?”

Zheng Ziming took the tissue paper and roughly wiped off the sweat. He said with a smile, “Of course I’m decorating your new place. This house has been empty for too long. The old stuff definitely can’t be used anymore.”

Xia Ning sighed. “I won’t be here for long. No need.”

“You are a young girl. Can’t you just decorate your room a bit brighter and nicer? It’s always just black and white. Others will laugh at your bad taste,” Zheng Ziming refuted.

Xia Ning’s eyebrows twitched. She said with a fake smile, “Only you come to my place. Are you saying you’ve been laughing at my taste?”

“Oh, I just remembered that I forgot to buy something. I gotta go.” Zheng Ziming turned around and ran downstairs.

Seeing Zheng Ziming’s back, Xia Ning wanted to laugh. Such a kid!

But he was definitely very happy that she moved here.

Glancing at the room behind her, Xia Ning moved her eyebrows. In fact, where to live and what decoration there was were all the same for her.

Just then, the phone in her bag rang. Xia Ning took it out and picked up the call.

“Sure, yup. I will be there soon.” Xia Ning hung up, grabbed her bag and got out.

Zheng Ziming saw Xia Ning driving out and he couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going?”

“There’s a gathering at Director Zeng’s place. I gotta go.” Xia Ning opened the car window and looked at Zheng Ziming. “If you are tired, then don’t worry about it. I’m not gonna be here for long.”

“Why would a guy like me be tired? Also, even if I’m tired, I’d be happy to do it.” Zheng Ziming held his head up high, looking very proud.

Xia Ning chuckled and shook her head. She closed the window and drove away directly.

Seeing the vanishing car, the smile on Zheng Ziming’s face faded too.

He did not know why she agreed to move, but this definitely had something to do with Qiao Yu.

It seemed that she was in a good mood recently. Doctor Edward said a good environment would be helpful to her situation. Hopefully.

Xia Ning drove all the way to the Zeng house. This time, it seemed that Director Zeng had said something beforehand, so no one stopped her from going in.

The car went to the underground garage like before. Xia Ning parked her car and saw the door of the car next to her opened. Lin Nan got off and opened Xia Ning’s car door like a gentleman.

Xia Ning got off the car and said to him with a smile, “Brother Lin, you are really waiting for me here!”

“Of course. The male and female leads have to show up together to impress everyone.” Lin Nan said with a smile.

Xia Ning locked her car and smiled back at Lin Nan. “I’m honored to be able to accompany Brother Lin tonight then.”

Lin Nan smiled. Seeing her young face paired with a light pink dress, he frowned.

“Do I not look good in this?” Seeing Lin Nan staring at her outfit, Xia Ning looked down at herself.

Lin Nan shook his head with a smile. “I just think you look like a university student.”

Xia Ning looked up at Lin Nan and raised her eyebrows. “I’m not that much older than a university student anyway.”

“…” Lin Nan shut up. Sure. You are young and proud!

He could not really say he thought they looked like a weird uncle with a little girl when they walked together. So annoying. Why was he that much older than her! The goddamn 12 years!