Chapter 169: Do Not Know Each Other

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The two’s eyes collided. Xia Ning’s smile was already gone the second she saw him. She took her gaze back as if the person in front of her was just a stranger.

Qiao Yu also moved his eyes away after a quick glance at Xia Ning, as if the glance just now was instinctive and he did not know her at all.

He walked by her with others, without even giving her an extra look.

And the man next to Qiao Yu was running a little to follow him. “President Qiao, this proposal can really make money. A billion. Only a billion. Actually, you only need to invest 500 million…” The sincere but anxious voice of the man echoed in the hallway and eventually disappeared.

Lin Nan looked at the empty hallway and said with a smile suddenly, “Do you know how rich people can be now? A billion, or 500 million is just a small amount for this President Qiao to spend. But this President Qiao is famous for his unique views of things and harsh means. To ask him for 500 million, you need to be worth 500 million.”

Xia Ning looked to Lin Nan. “From what you are saying, you don’t like him.”

“That’s not true.” Lin Nan smiled. “I just feel he is very calm and sophisticated at a very young age. I’m older than him, but I don’t think I can be like him. No wonder he is the emperor of Shengshi Group.”

Xia Ning heard that and went silent for a while. Then she said, “No matter how much money you have, you can’t avoid the daily necessity of eating and sleeping. So there is no need to be jealous of anyone.”

Lin Nan nodded. “You are very right. Each person has their own life.”

Xia Ning did not speak. She held her bag and went out through the hallway.

After they got out of the restaurant, Xia Ning and Lin Nan went to get their car.

Lin Nan’s car left first and the Maserati behind left after a long while.

In the black Bentley, the man’s black eyes followed the vanishing Maserati. He said after some silence, “Let’s go.”

Chen Hong saw Boss’s face through the rear-view mirror and asked him tentatively, “Do we need to follow Miss Xia’s car?”

“No need!” The man’s cold voice came.

“…” Chen Hong was a bit speechless. So why did you wait here for so long? For the stars?!

Too bad it was cloudy tonight. Not a single star in the sky.

“Check if any reporters took photos of the two having dinner together!” Qiao Yu’s voice sounded suddenly.

“Ah…” Chen Hong was caught by surprise. But he immediately saw what was going on and said at once, “Yes, Boss, please rest assured that I will take care of this. I will not allow any rumor to go out between Miss Xia and Mr. Lin.”

Qiao Yu frowned and said unpleasantly, “Why are you talking so much? Drive!”

“…” Chen Hong was crying in his heart. How could you kick someone to the curb like this? Boss, do you dare to admit that this is not what’s in your mind?!

Gao Wanhua was happy about her son sending her grandson home for her to take care of. Ever since Qiao Yu’s father’s death, she had been living by herself.

Because Qiao Yu spent a lot of time abroad, it was only this year that he moved back to the country.

But seeing her son’s cold face and the frustration on Enoch’s face, she could guess it was somewhat related to Enoch’s mother.

She asked Enoch and he said mum went to work. But she thought it was not that simple.

One day, after Qiao Yu was gone, Gao Wanhua called up Gao Yang. “Can you tell me what’s going on with your brother’s girlfriend? No, the ex-wife!”