Chapter 170: Li Shanshan’s Ending

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One week of vacation went by fast. Xia Ning went back to J City to continue filming.

Zheng Haodong stopped by to say hi the second he arrived on the set.

“What’s up? How was your vacation?” Zheng Haodong passed a milk tea to Xia Ning.

“Thanks, Brother Zheng.” Xia Ning took it and said with a smile, “Not bad. I stayed home for a few days.”

“You stayed home and made such a big splash. I can’t imagine what would happen if you went out.” Zheng Haodong teased Xia Ning. “Donating 10 million to support your idol, I’ve never seen such a rich fan like you.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “If Brother Zheng is into charity one day, I promise I will donate more!”

“Really? It would be my honor to have such a good-looking fan.” More smiles appeared on Zheng Haodong’s face. But his eyes seemed worried when he looked at her. “Don’t worry about the attacks online.”

Xia Ning knew what Zheng Haodong was talking about. She donated a big amount to Shen Weiran and everyone was guessing where her money came from. They dug deep into every single guy in her rumors and concluded that she must have slept with rich people to have that much money.

She smiled. “It’s not my first day in the circle. Those words cannot hurt me.”

Zheng Haodong nodded. Seeing Xia Ning’s peaceful look, he somewhat appreciated her more.

She was really something different, like a clear current in the entertainment circle. Even though dirt was pushed towards her, she could still keep a pure and open heart and did not get lost because of the outside critiques.

“Li Shanshan is coming back to the set today!” Zheng Haodong said all of a sudden.

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong, slightly surprised.

Zheng Haodong explained, “Only some parts of hers got deleted and the contract is still there. She’s coming to finish the last scene and all her parts will be done today.”

“You sure Li Shanshan is coming?” Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong with confusion. If it was the old and proud Li Shanshan, she would definitely not come after being kicked out of the set in humiliation like this.

Zheng Haodong smiled and answered, “I knew you did not follow her news. There were a lot of exposed photos online about her sleeping with others. They say there were more than 20 guys. Now her reputation is completely destroyed.

Also, her ads, endorsements, TV shows and performances were all canceled. Not to mention her negative image right now, no one would dare to cooperate with her under Shengshi Group’s ban of her. It is said that many advertising companies she was working with are after her for breach of contract. She is broke and in debt, so she has to come for the shooting.”

Xia Ning took a sip of the milk tea and did not speak.

Zheng Haodong continued, “Don’t think it’s weird. Many stars in the circle sleep their way up. If Li Shanshan had been even a little self-conscious, she would not have fallen so fast. They say the ban on Li Shanshan was conveyed by President Qiao himself. He must have been grossed out by Li Shanshan. But he did help you out indirectly…”

Xia Ning’s eyelids moved a little and she interrupted Zheng Haodong all of a sudden, “Brother Zheng, the first scene is actually mine. I need to get ready.” She raised the milk tea at him. “Thanks, Brother Zheng, for the milk tea.”

Zheng Haodong smiled. “You’re welcome.” He wanted to say that if she liked it, he could buy one for her every day. But he did not want to scare her away.

Xia Ning thanked him and left and did not notice the emotions on Zheng Haodong’s face at all.

When she got to the dressing room, Xia Ning saw Li Shanshan who just came out. The heavy makeup on her could not hide the weariness on her face. She looked like a beaten peacock, without any spirit.

Seeing Xia Ning in front of her, Li Shanshan’s face showed some malice. “Xia Ning!” She said in rage.