Chapter 171: What Does It Have To Do With Me?

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The pale face with the malicious look made her seem like an angry ghost from hell.

Seeing Li Shanshan’s furious look, Xia Ning smiled. “Miss Li, long time no see.”

“Xia Ning, how dare you smile at me? It was all because of you!” Li Shanshan glared at Xia Ning. She stepped up and one of her hands reached out to Xia Ning.

“Li Shanshan, what are you doing? Don’t you dare touch Sister Xia Ning!” Not too far away, Wen Jing shouted out loud and rushed over with a shocked and angry face.

“Miss Li, did no one tell you that it’s very impolite to try to hit someone?” Xia Ning said calmly, but her sharp look glanced over the woman in front of her.

Li Shanshan saw her own wrist caught by Xia Ning and ground her teeth. “Xia Ning, you will not end well!”

“I don’t know if I will end well or not. But what I do know is Miss Li will definitely not end well!” Xia Ning curled her lips slightly and looked at Li Shanshan with a ghostly smile.

Li Shanshan saw the obvious mocking on Xia Ning’s face and was shocked. Apparently, she did not expect Xia Ning to be so direct. Her face turned to anger. “Xia Ning, you are a b*tch. Shut up!”

Xia Ning threw away Li Shanshan’s hand and said calmly, “If I were you, I would try my best to finish the last scene. At least, this will make people think you are still an actress.”

Li Shanshan sneered and glared at Xia Ning. “It’s easy for you to say. I have nothing left!”

Xia Ning darted a look at her and curled her lips slightly. “What does it have to do with me?”

Li Shanshan glared at Xia Ning. She made her life so miserable and how could she be so indifferent?

“Li Shanshan, are you shameless or what? You threw dirt at Sister Xia Ning first, and now you want to hit her? Do you think I will not call the police? I will send you to jail and make you have a taste of that!” Wen Jing came over and blocked in front of Xia Ning, glaring at Li Shanshan.

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing and said calmly, “Well, Miss Li was just joking. Don’t take it seriously. She’s in a rush to finish her scene.”

Wen Jing looked back at Xia Ning and frowned. “Sister Xia Ning, you are just too nice. People like her are really bad. Stay close to me. I will protect you.” As she spoke, she turned back to Li Shanshan with her guard up.

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing. This girl really took herself as a guy.

She smiled slightly and said calmly, “You are overthinking. I’m really just worried that she will drag our progress. Director Li is waiting for her there. Well, we are running out of time. I need to put on some makeup.” After her words, she turned around and moved into the dressing room.

Seeing Xia Ning walking into the dressing room, Li Shanshan shouted out loud, “Xia Ning, you are not allowed to leave.”

Wen Jing blocked outside and sneered. “Not allowed to leave, just to be trapped here and disgusted by you? Li Shanshan, how shameless are you to mess with Sister Xia Ning again?”

“You should not talk to me. F*ck off!” Li Shanshan reached out to push Wen Jing.

Wen Jing pushed her back and Li Shanshan stepped a few steps back.

“You…” Li Shanshan glared at Wen Jing.

“What about me? Li Shanshan, I was not afraid of you even when you were popular. Not to mention now, when you are just some stinky mud.” Wen Jing sneered with disgust on her face. “I just don’t understand where you got the confidence that President Qiao would like you. You need to know who you are before crawling onto people’s bed. Even I felt ashamed when I saw the photos online!”

Li Shanshan was badly battered by the negative news online recently. Hearing Wen Jing’s words, she went mad as hell and ran up directly to fight with Wen Jing.

On the other side near the set, Director Li took a look at the time and frowned. “What the heck is Li Shanshan doing? Well, no need to wait for her. We’ll go with the sub.”