Chapter 173: Why Am I Still Hearing The Words ‘Li Shanshan’

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It was not long after before Chen Shiyan came over by herself to say hi.

“Miss Xia, how are you? Nice to see you again.”

Xia Ning looked at Chen Shiyan with surprise. “Did Miss Chen remember wrong? This is our first time seeing each other. But I do see you a lot on TV.”

Chen Shiyan smiled without showing anything. “Then probably last time, Miss Xia did not notice me. It’s an honor to be in the same show with Miss Xia.”

“The honor is mine to be acting with the Movie Queen,” Xia Ning replied with a smile.

Chen Shiyan did not try to be modest. She looked at Xia Ning with concern and asked, “I heard Li Shanshan was here to start a fight in the morning. Did she hurt you?”

“Miss Li was here to do her final part, but something unpleasant happened in between. Someone was probably spreading rumors,” Xia Ning said calmly.

Chen Shiyan sighed. “I did not realize Li Shanshan was like this. We did a movie together. Back then, I thought she was pretty innocent. I didn’t expect…” She could not finish her sentence and looked somewhat sad.

“I don’t know Miss Li very well.” Xia Ning said calmly. She took a look at Zheng Haodong who was standing not too far away. “My next scene is coming up right now. I need to go and get prepared. Miss Chen, please help yourself.”

“Then I will be watching Miss Xia’s acting skills carefully on the side,” Chen Shiyan said with a smile.

Xia Ning smiled and walked towards Zheng Haodong.

Chen Shiyan saw Xia Ning’s back and the smile on her face cooled down. Even though Li Shanshan did a lot of bad things to her, she did not say anything bad about Li Shanshan. She was either very naive or very sophisticated.

“Even if she is the female lead, so what? She still has to be respectful to Sister Shiyan.” Chen Shiyan’s assistant Chang Xuan sneered at Xia Ning’s back. Honestly, she could not understand why Sister Shiyan decided to be a supporting role to a nameless actress.

Chen Shiyan said coldly, “Don’t take her as simple-minded. Li Shanshan is already paying for that.” She was pretty sure back at the clubhouse that day, she recognized her. But why didn’t she admit it?

Chang Xuan was not concerned. “Li Shanshan did this to herself by offending President Qiao. I think Xia Ning is just a little bit lucky to be involved with President Qiao this time. Otherwise, she would be ended by Li Shanshan without even knowing how.”

Chen Shiyan frowned slightly and did not agree with Chang Xuan in her mind. But what Xia Ning was like was not relevant at all.

She did not believe her acting skills could not beat a newcomer!

Back then, her manager was fighting for the role of Noble Lady An for a newcomer under him. But she happened to know it and took it from her.

As a matter of fact, this kind of roles would not look good on her as a Movie Queen. But in order to achieve something, she needed to sacrifice something.

Chen Shiyan looked at the door subconsciously with eager eyes, as if she was waiting for something.

In S City, in the CEO’s office on the 28th floor of the Shengshi building, Chen Hong was briefing Qiao Yu about his work at hand. Suddenly, his phone rang.

Chen Hong saw the screen and took a look at Qiao Yu. Seeing him buried in documents, he walked to the side and picked it up.

“What did you say? Li Shanshan went to the set to start a fight?”

Chen Hong’s voice raised suddenly. He immediately realized where he was and lowered his voice. “Is that how you do your work? Is anyone hurt?”

“Good thing she was not hurt. Be careful next time.” Chen Hong hung up and looked at Qiao Yu subconsciously.

Qiao Yu was still looking at the documents as if he did not hear a thing.

Chen Hong felt relieved and continued briefing.

When he was done briefing and was ready to go out, a cold voice suddenly came from behind. “Why am I still hearing the words ‘Li Shanshan’? This will cost you three months of bonus.”