Chapter 174: Lesson Learned

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Chen Hong left the CEO’s office with a grey face and made a call. He shouted to the phone immediately, “Is this how you work? Why did Li Shanshan still go to the set?”

“Do not explain anymore. I do not want to hear this name or see this person anywhere from now on.”

“You ask me why? Why don’t you ask yourself why you get paid so much and can’t even do tiny things like this? Do you still want your job?!”

Seeing Chen Hong hanging up in anger, Chen Lin walked over and said with a smile, “What’s going on for you to lose your temper like this?”

Chen Hong took a look at Chen Lin and said wrongfully, “Sister, today I finally understand what it means by the saying ‘accompanying Boss is like accompanying a tiger’ and what it means to have an unpredictable boss.”

Chen Lin looked at Chen Hong playfully. “What happened? Was it because that Li Shanshan was out there doing crazy things under Boss’s name and Boss got mad at you?”

Only if it was that simple. Chen Hong darted a look at Chen Lin and pouted. “Something like that.”

“Do a good job and learn your lesson!” Chen Lin tapped on Chen Hong’s shoulder and turned around to return to her own seat.

Chen Hong nodded and looked around at the shut door of the CEO’s office. He felt wordless.

He certainly learned his lesson. Three months of bonus! Boss was good!

His wife was bullied and he knew how to be mad and let it out on others. Why don’t you chase after her now that she is gone! Why are you keeping your dark face all day long! Who knew how he got the girl in the first place!

The most important thing was, what did all these have to do with him? Nowadays, it was difficult to be an assistant and even more difficult to be the assistant of a man with negative EQ.

In the filming base in J City, Xia Ning was done with her makeup and found Chen Shiyan still not changed. She was talking about something next to Director Li.

Fu Yao came over and looked to the direction of Chen Shiyan. She whispered to Xia Ning, “Sister Xia Ning, I heard just now that Chen Shiyan was discussing the script with Director Li. She should not be in charge of the script anyway.”

“Miss Chen just got here, plus she was rushed. I guess she did not have the chance to look at the script before. So it’s normal that she had to discuss with Director Li. I don’t want to hear this again,” Xia Ning said calmly.

Fu Yao’s face showed some panic. She explained immediately, “Sister Xia Ning, I didn’t mean to say bad things about Best Actress Chen. I was just worried that you get bullied…” Her voice sounded somewhat wronged.

Xia Ning looked to Fu Yao and wanted to say something.

“What’s going on?” Lu Chuan walked over, and his eyes moved between Xia Ning and Fu Yao.

“Nothing, nothing. I was just asking sis Xia Ning about some acting skills.” Fu Yao shook her hands to deny, and her face looked a bit awkward.

Lu Chuan darted a look at Xia Ning and joked, “It couldn’t be that you thought she was too stupid and scolded her.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “Do I look like a bad person? Also, I’m just a newcomer. I will be flattered to be teaching others to act.”

Lu Chuan took a look at Xia Ning and said with a smile, “You are being modest again.”

Xia Ning smiled back. “Well, it’s almost time. I gotta go.”

Lu Chuan nodded. “Sure.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s back, and Zheng Haodong who was walking towards her, Lu Chuan frowned a little and fell into his own thoughts.

“Bro Lu, do you think bro Haodong likes sis Xia Ning?” Fu Yao walked up to Lu Chuan and watched Xia Ning who was walking into the scene with Zheng Haodong casually. She said with a smile, “I think they look good together. A talented guy with a good-looking girl.”

Lu Chuan’s face changed and leveled a stare at Fu Yao. “Better be careful with words like this.” After saying that, he walked directly ahead.

Fu Yao saw Lu Chuan’s back with her face looking wronged. She was just telling the truth. Everyone on the set knew Zheng Haodong’s enthusiasm for Xia Ning!