Chapter 175: Acting Skills

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On the set, Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong’s part had begun.

The emperor walked into the palace and saw Weiyang in a plain look. He frowned. “Why are you wearing such a plain outfit?”

Weiyang knelt to salute him and then stood up. She said with a calm smile, “I’m old and ugly, and can’t compete with the beauty of the new sisters. Surely, I can’t be in Your Highness’s eyes.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” The emperor scolded her.

Weiyang replied coldly, “I’m not feeling well and can’t accompany Your Highness today. Please go to some other sister’s palace.”

“Weiyang, do you have to talk to me like this?” The emperor was already angry.

Weiyang curled her lips up slightly. “I’m telling the truth. If Your Highness does not like it, you can easily find some other woman who would say nice things.”

“You!” The emperor pointed to Weiyang and his expression was not looking good. He threw his arms down and said in anger, “Consort Yue is not treating me with respect. You are grounded for one month and no one is allowed to visit you.” As he finished these words, he stormed out.

Seeing the emperor’s back, Weiyang smiled all of a sudden. But the bottom of her eyes was filled with pain and despair. Her tears couldn’t stop falling. She did not wipe them off but instead, walked to the desk and started to go through the paintings that they had painted together. All of a sudden, the painting was torn. Her hand clung to the torn paper and she closed her eyes slowly. All of her emotions were hidden but her body was shaking.

“Cut! Good!” Director Li stood up and shouted at Xia Ning. “The emotions were there.”

Xia Ning opened her eyes and looked at Director Li. She felt greatly relieved.

Zheng Haodong came and gave Xia Ning some tissue paper. “Well done.”

Xia Ning took it to wipe her eyes. She said with a smile, “Brother Zheng did a better job.”

“Come on. Don’t be modest in front of me. How about dinner together after work is done?” Zheng Haodong suggested.

Xia Ning gave it a thought and nodded. “Sure.”

“You said yes this time.” Zheng Haodong smiled. “Last time, I wanted to buy you dinner but you rejected.” As he spoke, his face changed, as if he suddenly thought of something. He went silent.

Xia Ning looked as if she did not notice and smiled. “It’s because I rejected your dinner last time, I got dirt all over me. This time, I cannot say no to you anymore.”

Seeing the peaceful smile on Xia Ning’s face, Zheng Haodong thought of how he did not stand up for her last time. He felt bad but more determined.

Sometimes, you could make one mistake, but definitely not a second one.

Chen Shiyan saw Xia Ning and frowned a little. She thought Xia Ning was some newcomer without any acting skills. But she was actually good. Now, she had to pay more attention.

Even though she was the second female lead, she needed to be one who was as good as the female lead, if not better.

In the CEO’s office on the 28th floor of the Shengshi building, Qiao Yu was browsing through the news on his phone and searching for topics related to Xia Ning.

There was nothing else besides the discussion on her outrageous donation at the charity reception.

Qiao Yu frowned a little and his fingers hit the desk a couple of times. All of a sudden, he stood up and walked out with his briefcase.

“I need to go on a trip for the next couple of days. Schedule my work for next week to the next two days.”

“Yes, Boss!” Chen Lin stood up and answered.

Seeing Qiao Yu’s vanishing back in the elevator, Chen Lin felt a bit confused.

Scheduling work together again? Boss had been going out for too many times and they were not for business.