Chapter 176: The Treat

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Noble Lady An’s appearance in the show was nothing stunning. She was seen by the emperor when trying to get lotus next to the lotus pond in the palace.

The emperor just had a fight with Weiyang and was trying to relax near the lotus pond. An encounter with such a peaceful beauty in such a setting would always strike a chord.

Later, the emperor spoke a few words to Noble Lady An. Seeing her gentle look, his anger to Weiyang almost disappeared. Furthermore, he was in a fight with Weiyang, so he decided to sleep in Noble Lady An’s palace.

Chen Shiyan played a tamed beauty very well. Even Xia Ning wanted to say that the Movie Queen really knew how to get to the audience’s hearts.

After Chen Shiyan was done with the scene, she walked to the rest area and threw the handkerchief in her hand to her assistant Chang Xuan. She then looked at Xia Ning who was sitting there. “Miss Xia has been watching for so long. What do you think about my performance just now?”

Xia Ning stood up and looked at Chen Shiyan with a smile. “No wonder you won the ‘Movie Queen’ title. It was fantastic! But I remembered Miss Chen started with leading roles ever since your debut. Why did you decide to agree to do a supporting role?”

“If you want to improve your acting skills, you definitely need to challenge yourself with different roles.” Chen Shiyan raised her eyebrows and said with a somewhat proud look.

Xia Ning nodded as if she learned something. “That’s very true. It’s almost my turn. I’m going to go get ready.” As she spoke, she nodded slightly and walked towards Director Li’s direction.

Seeing Xia Ning’s back, Chang Xuan walked to Chen Shiyan and sneered. “This kind of nameless actresses does not deserve to act with Sister Shiyan.”

“Don’t say so. She is certainly someone the director picked.” Chen Shiyan was disagreeing with Chang Xuan with words, but she thought so as well in her heart.

She was the Movie Queen and Xia Ning was just a newcomer. They were not on the same level.

Chang Xuan smirked. “Who knows what relationship she has with the director.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Chen Shiyan’s face changed. She heard Director Li and President Qiao had a good relationship. Offending Director Li would not be worth it!

At around eight or nine o’clock, the crew finished working and it was time for food.

In the private room, seeing the people there, Zheng Haodong was a bit speechless. He only wanted to invite Xia Ning, but why were Lu Chuan, Wen Jing and Fu Yao here as well?

“Brother Haodong, what kind of expression is that? Don’t tell me you don’t want to spend the money.” Wen Jing suddenly said with a smile. “No worries. I don’t eat that much.”

“You are talking nonsense. How could Brother Zheng not want to spend the money? After all, we got lucky using Sister Xia Ning’s name,” Fu Yao said with a smile.

“It’s just a meal. Who said he has to pay? Order whatever you like. It’s my treat!” Lu Chuan threw the menu in front of Wen Jing and Fu Yao. He stared at Zheng Haodong with a fierce look, as if he wanted to beat him up.

Wen Jing and Fu Yao exchanged looks. This scene seemed a bit intricate. Hope these two would not get into a fight any time soon.

Xia Ning pushed the menu towards Wen Jing and Fu Yao and said, “Who said Brother Zheng is buying? I called you guys here so it’s definitely my treat! Order whatever you like.”

Wen Jing heard this and agreed immediately. “Then I will not hold back. Let’s not forget that Sister Xia Ning donated 10 million just for charity. How much can we eat anyway? Let’s order away! Pick the expensive dishes!”

Zheng Haodong looked at Xia Ning and smiled. He did not say anything, but his gentle eyes could not hide his thoughts of Xia Ning from anybody.

Lu Chuan across the table sneered and his eyes that were on Zheng Haodong were filled with enmity.