Chapter 177: Hate The Look Of Him

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Considering that Xia Ning was not into spicy food, and Wen Jing’s face was injured and could not eat spicy food, they eventually decided to go with local cuisine.

Wen Jing became a foodie immediately when the dishes were out. She started to eat and complain to Xia Ning, “If we did not come out for good food, I would be driven mad by the box lunch on the set.”

“Eat slowly. No one is snatching it from you!” Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing playfully, and her eyes were somewhat helpless.

Wen Jing did not pay attention and started to bury herself in the food.

“Xia Ning, this beef tastes good.” Zheng Haodong picked up some food with the serving chopsticks for Xia Ning.

Xia Ning saw the beef in her bowl and said to Zheng Haodong with a smile, “Thank you, Brother Zheng!”

Lu Chuan saw this and stood up immediately to ladle some soup for Xia Ning. “Xia Ning, this soup tastes great. Have a try.”

Xia Ning took a look at Lu Chuan and chuckled. “Thanks, Brother Lu!”

Lu Chuan heard that and raised his eyebrows. He darted a provocative look at Zheng Haodong.

Zheng Haodong’s lips curled up and picked a piece of lotus root with Osmanthus and sticky rice. “This is a famous dish from J City. Try this.”

“Xia Ning, here. Have a piece of the chicken. You are so slim. You need to have some more meat.” Lu Chuan grabbed a bunch of food for Xia Ning at once.

Zheng Haodong looked at Lu Chuan and Lu Chuan looked back at Zheng Haodong.

The two’s eyes caught each other in the middle and in a short second, they had fought each other a million times.

Wen Jing stopped eating suddenly and her head that was almost buried in the bowl raised a little. She looked at Lu Chuan and Zheng Haodong carefully. Why did the air suddenly get cold?

As for Fu Yao, her eyes did not leave the two from the beginning.

Xia Ning saw it and said to Zheng Haodong and Lu Chuan with a smile, “Why are you guys fighting? If you keep doing this, the girls will think you are fighting over me.”

Were they not? Wen Jing and Fu Yao looked at Xia Ning with confusion.

Lu Chuan sneered. “I just hate the look of him!”

“Sure, I hate the look of you too!” Zheng Haodong’s lips curled and he did not hide his thoughts at all.

So these two were just using Xia Ning to fight against each other? Wen Jing was a bit wordless. These guys were so boring.

Fu Yao was not as naive as Wen Jing. Her eyes glanced over Lu Chuan and Zheng Haodong, and no one knew what was in her mind.

“Well, I’m paying today. So can everyone give me some face, and don’t give tit for tat.” Xia Ning raised her cup of tea and looked at Lu Chuan and Zheng Haodong. “Shall we drink together?”

Zheng Haodong did not speak and looked at Lu Chuan across the table.

Lu Chuan looked at Zheng Haodong as well with a dark face.

“How can we drink without alcohol?” Wen Jing said suddenly. “Let’s get some wine.”

Lu Chuan heard that and darted a look at Wen Jing. “We are shooting tomorrow. No drinking!” As he spoke, he picked up the teacup and threw a look at Zheng Haodong. He then turned to Xia Ning and said, “Tea is fine.”

Zheng Haodong held his cup and said to Lu Chuan, “Since Xia Ning said this already, there’s nothing I can say.”

They all stood up and raised their cup. After this, the tense environment just now got slightly better.

Bam! All of a sudden, something heavy hit the door and made a loud noise.

“I didn’t say you can go so how dare you leave?!” A man’s coarse voice came from outside.

“I said I can’t drink anymore. What do you really want?” A woman’s angry voice sounded, followed by a scream. “Ah!”

“When I ask you to drink, you need to drink. You made me lose face today. I’m going to kill you.” A man’s furious voice followed, and then some more screams.

In the private room, all of them were looking at each other. Why was that voice so familiar?

Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning and asked tentatively, “Sister Xia Ning, that sounds like Li Shanshan!”