Chapter 179: What Do You Think About Me Then?

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When they got out of the restaurant, they went to pick up the car to go back to the hotel. Wen Jing followed Xia Ning down the stairs and tried to comfort her.

“Sister Xia Ning, just ignore those guys. They don’t know what they are talking about! President Qiao? So what? I think he is not good enough for you!” Wen Jing said in anger.

Fu Yao opened her mouth and looked at Wen Jing with shock. Did she know who she was talking about?

Xia Ning wanted to laugh and looked at Wen Jing. “Yup yup, you are right. Why are you even more sensitive than me? Let them say anything they want. I’m not losing anything over that.”

Zheng Haodong and Lu Chuan saw that Xia Ning was fine and felt a bit speechless. It was not that someone else was sensitive, but she was too mentally strong.

It was as if they both sensed each other. They looked at each other but looked away after a momentory eye contact.

Lu Chuan was a bit upset. He walked up and said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, you are too kind and don’t even care when others mistreat you.” As he spoke, he darted a look at Zheng Haodong. Naturally, he was referring to that time when Zheng Haodong did not stand out to clarify for Xia Ning.

Zheng Haodong looked at Lu Chuan with a ghostly smile. “Yeah, Xia Ning you are too nice. That is why the person behind everything is still around you.”

Lu Chuan heard that and his expression changed. It was indeed him who had spreadZheng Haodong’s dirt and affected Xia Ning. But he did not do it on purpose.

“Some guy is not taking responsibility. He better shut up.”

Zheng Haodong’s face turned dark. He looked at Lu Chuan with cold eyes.

Xia Ning was caught in the middle. She felt somewhat amused as well as helpless. But even if she did not care, they were still fighting over it.

Fine, she did not expect these two enemies to be friends anyway.

“Ah!” Fu Yao screamed all of a sudden.

“Fu Yao, what’s wrong?” Wen Jing looked back to check on her immediately.

Xia Ning and the rest turned around and saw Fu Yao squatting on the side with her hands on her ankle. Her face looked painful. It looked like she had accidentally twisted her ankle.

“Are you okay?” Xia Ning walked over and asked. “Can you still walk?”

Fu Yao looked up at Xia Ning with watery eyes. “Sister Xia Ning, It hurts bad. I can’t walk.”

Xia Ning heard that and turned to Lu Chuan on the side. “Why don’t you take Fu Yao to the hospital?”

Wen Jing nodded immediately. “I can go with you to take care of Fu Yao.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Ok..”

Lu Chuan opened his eyes wide. Why was he the one that got picked? Why was it not Zheng Haodong?

But he still said, “Then you should go back early and have a good rest.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Sure. You should go soon and come back soon.”

Lu Chuan nodded and darted a look to Zheng Haodong as a warning. He then looked at Fu Yao who was in pain on the ground. He took a quick breath, carried her on his back and started to walk towards his own car.

Wen Jing spoke with Xia Ning quickly and followed them.

Now, there were only Zheng Haodong and Xia Ning. All of them came in Lu Chuan’s car, so they either needed to get a taxi or walk back to the hotel.

They walked for a while, and neither said anything.

Zheng Haodong stared at the girl next to him. In the darkness, her face did not look as bright as in the day, but it was somehow more peaceful.

“What do you think about Lu Chuan?” Zheng Haodong asked all of a sudden.

Xia Ning thought for a second and replied, “Brother Lu is nice, but sometimes he can be a little impulsive. As for what happened before, don’t hang on to it.”

“It can’t be that you like him?” Zheng Haodong frowned. “He’s not as simple as you think. He…”

Xia Ning chuckled immediately and looked at Zheng Haodong somewhat speechlessly. “Brother Zheng, what are you thinking? Brother Lu and I are just friends. I don’t even think he takes me as a woman.”

Zheng Haodong felt relieved. He suddenly stopped and looked at her. “What do you think about me then?” he asked subconsciously.