Chapter 182: Your Wife Will Run Away With Others Sooner Or Later

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Xia Ning took Wen Jing’s phone and started browsing. There were a lot of photos and all of them were about Lu Chuan carrying Fu Yao on his back. Some were taken in front of the hospital.

The headlines were even more obvious, ‘Lu Chuan carrying a girl to the hospital, revealing potential relationship.’

No wonder Lu Chuan was mad. He was just being nice sending someone to the hospital and the media took photos of it and made a gossip out of it. He was very wronged.

Wen Jing handed the phone back to Wen Jing. “Where is Fu Yao? Is she on leave?”

Wen Jing answered, “Her ankle was all swollen, so she asked for a few days of leave from Director Li. This morning, she went to a relative’s place in J City to rest.”

Xia Ning nodded. “She might not know about this yet. Call her up and tell her so that Lu Chuan won’t be involved.”

“I will call her now.” Wen Jing nodded. She thought of something and pulled Xia Ning’s arm. “But Sister Xia Ning, I found that Fu Yao might be into Brother Lu. Maybe this gossip can do the matchmaking.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “A good girl knows what not to worry about.”

“Oh!” Wen Jing nodded and picked up her phone to call Fu Yao.

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing’s back. Such a naive girl. She looked to the side and saw Lu Chuan and his dark face, so she walked over directly.

Lu Chuan saw Xia Ning coming over and said powerlessly, “When I saw others’ gossips before, I didn’t have any strong feelings. Now that it’s my turn, I feel really helpless. What the heck? Can people still do good deeds nowadays?”

“Brother Lu, you should think about it this way. When paparazzi is still after you, it means you are still in the game. If one day, when even them, don’t take your photos, that means you are over the hill,” Xia Ning said with a smile.

“…” Lu Chuan was a bit helpless. Was she sure she was comforting him?

As if he thought of something, Lu Chuan frowned and said to Xia Ning, “When you came back with Zheng Haodong last night, did you run into any reporters? I’m afraid that if you got photos taken, the media will start to make up stories again.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “I’m normally pretty lucky and there should be no photos. If there are, it should already be crazy now. So don’t worry about me now, and worry about yourself.”

“…” Lu Chuan did not feel like talking to Xia Ning anymore. She was definitely gloating.

In S City, in the CEO’s office on the 28th floor of the Shengshi building, Qiao Yu was making a call in front of the French window.

“Alex, what’s the matter? What time is it now? Don’t you know it’s the best time for a man? I’m busy.” An unpleasant voice of a man came from the other side of the phone. “But, a man like you who is able to upset your own wife so much that she ran away won’t understand.”

Qiao Yu’s eyebrows twitched and his eyes looked dangerous. “You say it again.”

“No, I said nothing.”

Hearing the noisy music from the phone and the flirtatious voices of women, Qiao Yu said coldly, “I will give you one minute. If you can’t find a quiet place to talk to me, you don’t have to pick up my calls ever.”

“Don’t, don’t. I will move somewhere else. I was just teasing with you? How can you be mad?” The man on the phone was a bit helpless. “If you keep being so serious, your wife will run away with others sooner or later!”

Qiao Yu’s eyes changed and said coldly, “Looks like you are living too comfortable of a life. Get the f*ck back from the States!”

“Ah, Alex, don’t…”

Without letting the person on the other side finish, Qiao Yu hung up. He walked to the desk and looked at it.

There was a stack of photos on the desk, all of them with only two people in them.

In the darkness, a man and a woman looked at each other and smiled. How lovely!

Qiao Yu rubbed the center of his eyebrows, with his face as dark as ink.