Chapter 183: Why Is He Here?

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Chen Shiyan arrived around 10 am. Director Li’s face was not looking good. But thinking that she had only been on the set for a couple of days, he did not blame her.

When done changing, Chen Shiyan looked at Xia Ning who was waiting outside the set and said apologetically, “Sorry, I’m late today, and sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Xia Ning smiled calmly. “No worries. I was just going through the script.” She did not mention anything from last night.

Chen Shiyan sized up Xia Ning in a few looks. She had to admit she was a beauty. Not too imposing, but peaceful and fresh with spirit. The outline of her face was also very delicate.

Not only was she good-looking, but her beauty also grew on people.

The first scene today was between Chen Shiyan and Xia Ning.

Consort Yue was just done being grounded and saw Dame An who was very popular right now.

“Your Highness.” Dame An came over with a group of servants and greeted Weiyang.

Weiyang saw this new dame in the limelight and curled her lips. “No need.”

Dame An stood up and looked at Weiyang to size her up. There was some surprise in her eyes.

“What is it, Dame An? You are making me feel uneasy with your stare,” Weiyang said to Dame An while picking up a flower and looking at Dame An.

Dame An came back to herself and looked a bit shameful. She lowered her head and said, “Sister, you are so good-looking.”

“Cut! Well done!” Director Li stood up and said to Xia Ning and Chen Shiyan.

Chen Shiyan organized her clothes a little and smiled at Xia Ning. “I heard Director Li is always very strict. I was so nervous before filming.”

Xia Ning smiled. “Miss Chen has very good acting skills…”

“We’ve seen each other so many times and you are still calling me Miss Chen?” Chen Shiyan smiled.

Xia Ning followed her words and said, “Sister Shiyan.”

The ‘Drama Queen’ title was not a joke. Chen Shiyan’s acting skills were way better than Li Shanshan’s. Therefore, they made good progress in the morning.

Director Li looked at the camera and seemed very pleasant. “With this speed, we will be able to finish shooting earlier.”

Xia Ning stood next to Director Li and watched Chen Shiyan’s performance. She smiled and said, “Sister Shiyan has good acting skills.”

The smile on Director Li’s face faded a little. “She’s not bad, but her acting is a bit narrow and lacks tension. It might be that she realized this problem of hers, so she came for this role. But as for talent, she’s nowhere near you.”

Xia Ning chuckled. “Director Li, don’t flatter me. If you keep saying nice things, I will get too proud.”

Director Li smiled as well. “You should be confident of yourself. I heard Director Zeng asked you to be his female lead. This is an opportunity. Plus, you will learn a lot from Director Zeng.”

“I heard Director Zeng called you to ask about me. Thank you.” Xia Ning looked at Director Li with a sincere face.

Director Li shook his head. “I didn’t help you. I only told him the truth.”

Knowing Director Li’s proud personality, Xia Ning smiled and did not talk any further.

“So, why hasn’t President Qiao come here recently?” Director Li asked all of a sudden.

Xia Ning’s heart jumped. She darted a look at Director Li and said without showing any feelings, “President Qiao is a busy person. Why would he have time to come here?”

Director Li nodded. “True.” As he spoke, he started looking at the camera again.

Xia Ning looked at Director Li and felt weird. Why did he ask her about Qiao Yu not coming here? What did it have to do with her?!

The filming continued till 10 o’clock at night. Director Li suggested having food together and relax.

Chen Shiyan had something going on and had to leave early.

Xia Ning could not say no to the director’s invitation. But removing makeup would take a long time. In the end, Lu Chuan stayed to wait for her while others left first.

In Yubao Restaurant, a very famous one in J City, Xia Ning and Lu Chuan followed the waitress who showed them the way to the private room booked by the crew.

Xia Ning pushed the door open and looked at everyone with a smile. “Sorry, we are la…” Before she could finish, the smile on her face cooled down. Her eyes focused on the man who was sitting at the head of the table with a straight suit, looking like a king. Why was he here?