Chapter 184: The Food Was Ordered By President Qiao

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Everyone’s eyes fell onto Xia Ning.

Qiao Yu was talking to Director Li. When he heard Xia Ning’s voice, he looked up.

Director Li saw Xia Ning and waved to her with a smile. “Xia Ning, what are you doing there? Come on in. We were waiting for you.”

“It can’t be that Miss Xia did not want to see me?” A cold voice sounded.

The second the words were out, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. Before, on the set, Xia Ning was not getting along with President Qiao. So could they finish the meal safely today?

Everyone looked at each other and knew what was going on. They started drinking tea without talking.

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu’s cold but good-looking face and sneered in her heart. If he knew already, why did he show up?

“Xia Ning, what’s wrong? Why don’t you come in?” Lu Chuan behind her saw Xia Ning not moving and asked.

Xia Ning returned to herself and looked at Qiao Yu with her lips curled. “Not possible. It’s an honor to be eating with President Qiao.” As she spoke, she walked towards the empty seats.

Lu Chuan followed her in and said hi to Qiao Yu and Director Li. “President Qiao, Director Li, sorry we are late.”

Lu Chuan walked towards the empty seats. But somehow he felt someone was looking at him. His body shivered out of the blue. Did they turn the AC too low in the room today?

He followed the look and saw Director Li and Qiao Yu talking. No one was looking at him. So was that his delusion?

The two seats were across Qiao Yu. They were kept for Lu Chuan and Xia Ning.

Because of what happened just now, the air in the room was a bit suppressed. Lu Chuan was always good at livening up the atmosphere. He said immediately, “Are we done ordering?”

Someone answered at once, “All done, but you and Xia Ning can take a look and see what else you want.”

Lu Chuan nodded and took the menu on the table. He talked to himself, “Xia Ning can’t eat spicy food. Ah, seems like the food you guys ordered are not spicy,” directing the second half of his words to the others. As he spoke, he looked to Xia Ning who was next to him. “What else do you want? I saw you had a lot of Taro Chicken last time. Do you want it?”

Xia Ning said calmly, “No need, anything that’s not spicy, I’m fine with it.”

With the person sitting across her, she wouldn’t have any interest even if they were having dinosaurs today.

Lu Chuan nodded and put down the menu.

“Brother Lu Chuan is really close to Sister Xia Ning. You even know what she likes to eat,” Another actress on the side said with envy.

Lu Chuan heard that and smiled. “If you go out with her more times, you will know.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and looked at Lu Chuan. “Are you suggesting that there are issues with my eating habits?”

“Not really issues. It’s just that you don’t like to order. If someone wants to know what you like, they will have to pay attention to what you eat more.” Lu Chuan smiled at Xia Ning. “But you don’t really have any preference. Just not spicy food.”

An actor on the side teased, “Brother Lu, are you teaching us how to chase after girls? In order to get to her heart, you need to get to her stomach first. Maybe others will think it’s two hearts beating as one. Haha.”

Lu Chuan raised his eyebrows. “This is a good idea. I gotta try someday!”

Everyone at the table laughed and the atmosphere was warm again.

Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan in a funny way. Was he starting a lecture?

“So, who ordered the food today? All Xia Ning’s favorites. Very skillful. If it was a guy, this would be a good chance to get Xia Ning!” Lu Chuan glanced over everyone on the table and was ready to lighten up the air more.

Xia Ning looked at him speechlessly. Now he was pushing the boundary and using her as a guinea pig?!

But the smile on everyone’s face disappeared immediately. They started to drink tea and put on makeup, as if they were trying to avoid something.

Someone whispered, “The food was ordered by President Qiao.”