Chapter 185: Dig A Hole For Himself

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Xia Ning’s face was as usual. As if she did not hear it, she held her cup and sipped some tea.

The suddenly cooled air was very awkward. Lu Chuan who was the perpetrator touched his nose. It seemed like he made an inappropriate joke.

And Qiao Yu who was talking to Director Li suddenly looked up to Xia Ning across the table. “It’s my honor, to be able to order what Miss Xia likes.”

The room got even quieter with Qiao Yu’s words. Everyone looked at Lu Chuan wordlessly. Making jokes was fine when it was just them. And today, he should have noticed who was here.

He knew Xia Ning and President Qiao did not have a good relationship, but still tried to put them together. Did he do this on purpose to destroy everyone’s meal?

Xia Ning shot a look at him and said calmly, “Thanks, President Qiao. I remember President Qiao is also from S City and does not like spicy food.”

What she meant was, Qiao Yu did not order those food for her.

Qiao Yu looked very cold and did not speak.

Everyone else felt relieved immediately. Shoot, those two were from the same place. It was very normal for them to have similar tastes in food.

Director Li saw the atmosphere was getting better and said to Qiao Yu, “This is Lu Chuan. He is performing very well in this show.”

Qiao Yu nodded and did not speak.

Lu Chuan knew he made a mistake just now. He held up his glass and said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, it’s a great honor to be sitting at the same table as you. This one is for you. I was talking nonsense just now so please forgive me.”

The entire table quieted down. Everyone was moving their eyes between Qiao Yu and Lu Chuan.

It could be a small thing depending on President Qiao’s attitude.

Xia Ning held her head low and sipped some tea. She did not pay much attention. He should not be bored that much to give Lu Chuan a hard time.

Qiao Yu glanced over at the person who was sipping her tea and held his glass up. He looked at Lu Chuan and said calmly, “Mr. Lu has very good acting skills.”

Lu Chuan drank up immediately and said sincerely, “President Qiao you are flattering me.”

He sat down and felt much relieved in his heart.

Good thing President Qiao did not take it seriously. Otherwise, he would have put Xia Ning in danger.

But it seemed very weird that Xia Ning got into a fight with President Qiao. Didn’t they say Xia Ning and President Qiao’s cousin were from the same school?

Last time, Xia Ning had rumors with Young Master Gao. Could it be this rumor? But the timing did not seem right.

The dishes came up one by one. Because of what Lu Chuan did just now, no one wanted to lighten the air anymore, just in case they stepped on something they shouldn’t.

Because Qiao Yu did not drink, no one asked anyone to drink either.

After the meal, someone suggested going to a KTV. Xia Ning and Lu Chuan had very important scenes the next morning. They thought it was too late so they said no.

One of the actresses tried to invite Qiao Yu after some buildup of courage. “President Qiao, do you want to hang out with us?”

Even though Li Shanshan was already a convincing example, girls would still come to Qiao Yu when they saw a bachelor as handsome and rich as Qiao Yu.

Plus, they did not think they were as stupid as Li Shanshan and their personality and looks were even better. Naturally, there was a chance that Qiao Yu might like them.

Xia Ning darted a look at the actress and curled her lips. She looked playful for a second and turned around and started to move outside.

Lu Chuan saw that Xia Ning did not even say goodbye to Qiao Yu. He had to say to Qiao Yu apologetically, “Sorry President Qiao, Xia Ning needs to go home and recite the script, so she left.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at him. “Does Mr. Lu have to recite as well?”

“No.” Lu Chuan’s face was a bit awkward. In fact, reciting the script was such a bad excuse. It might make President Qiao think Xia Ning was not professional and could not even remember her lines.

“So you can go with them,” Qiao Yu said and walked outside the room.

“…” Lu Chuan stared at Qiao Yu’s back. Why did he feel like he just dug a hole for himself?

And the girl who was trying to talk to Qiao Yu before was just standing there awkwardly because Qiao Yu did not even give her a look from the beginning.