Chapter 186: The Help

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After leaving the restaurant, Xia Ning did not go directly back to the hotel, but instead, she walked towards the parking garage.

Seeing the black Bentley in the lot, Xia Ning’s calm face for the entire night started to crack.

Seeing Qiao Yu here tonight, was completely unexpected to her.

When she moved away, Qiao Yu definitely went into her room, and would definitely see the phone and the card in the garbage bin.

That was supposed to be there to show her attitude. She moved away, threw her phone on the ground, and changed numbers. That meant she didn’t want to be involved with him at all.

Not after long, someone’s footsteps followed.

Xia Ning looked up and saw the man who was covered by the lights of the city. His outline was moving between the lights and the shades mysteriously. Anyone who laid one look on him would want to know his secrets.

She had this kind of feelings before.

But any feeling that was linked to the past would perish.

Qiao Yu came with his assistant Chen Hong. He saw the woman in front of his car and stopped.

Chen Hong threw a look at Xia Ning and stepped back.

Xia Ning returned to herself and walked towards Qiao Yu.

“Qiao Yu, are you having fun?” Xia Ning looked at him with impatience all over her face.

Qiao Yu looked back at her and coldly said, “What do you mean?”

“Are you asking me?” Xia Ning smirked and looked at Qiao Yu coldly. “I said, I will not re-marry you. And I don’t want to see you again.”

Qiao Yu looked to her and frowned. “You can’t be thinking that I’m here for you?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning was shocked and did not follow.

Qiao Yu continued calmly, “I think you are mistaken. I’m just here to do some investigation for a project. I ran into Director Li just now and we decided to have dinner together. Plus, I don’t have that much time to chase after a woman.”

So was she mistaken? Xia Ning’s hands tightened and darted him a cold look. “You better be. And I hope there will be no coincidence like today’s anymore.” As she finished her words, she turned around and walked out of the parking garage.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s back, and there were some certain emotions in his black eyes.

Chen Hong on the side heard their conversation and saw the person leaving in anger. He suddenly felt bad for Boss. This kind of girl was not easy to get.

Boss was always like an overbearing CEO that no one could mess around with. But Miss Xia did not lose when she was serious. No wonder Boss cared so much about her.

But, Boss was obviously here for Miss Xia. So why did he say it was a coincidence?

What project in J City would be so important that Boss needed to be here himself!

Just at this moment, he saw his boss pick up his phone and make a call.

“I did what you told me and said I was not here for her,” Qiao Yu rubbed his eyebrows and said calmly. “What do I do now?”

“So did she buy it?” The man’s voice on the phone was very clear in the quiet underground parking garage.

Qiao Yu frowned. “I think she bought it. I said I was here to do a market investigation.”

“Gosh, in any case, she is a Cambridge graduate and should be smarter than most people. If she bought such a bad lie, Alex, how much did she hate to see you?”

Qiao Yu’s face turned dark at once. He said coldly, “If you say one more nonsense, you can leave for Africa tomorrow!”

“Don’t, don’t…” The guy’s voice on the phone said immediately.

Chen Hong saw Boss’s dark face on the side and felt very bad. When did his mighty boss need anybody to tell him what to do? He felt that this would be something that Young Master Mu could use to tease Boss later.