Chapter 187: Chen Shiyan’s Mind

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Back at the hotel, Xia Ning thought something was not right. Qiao Yu was the big boss of the company. He would not have to come out unless it was a very crucial project. And J City was definitely not Shengshi Group’s core city.

Who knows. If he was that good, maybe he was able to find some opportunities for investment.

Now she regretted a little about not asking about Enoch’s status recently. But seeing his attitude just now, he probably would not tell her anyway.

It would be difficult for her to see Enoch. Did she regret it? Not really. Without her as his mum. Enoch might live a better life.

Xia Ning rolled over her bed for an entire night and could not fall asleep.

She was finally a bit sleepy when the sky was turning gray. However, it was time to go to the set.

The first scene in the morning with Chen Shiyan had just finished.

Xia Ning walked to the rest area to take a break and Chen Shiyan followed.

“I heard President Qiao of Shengshi Group went to dinner with you guys?”

“Yeah, President Qiao was here for Director Li, and Director Li happened to ask everyone out for dinner. So we ate together.” Xia Ning darted a look to Chen Shiyan and smiled. “Too bad Sister Shiyan did not make it last night.”

Chen Shiyan was a bit surprised to hear that. She then smiled and said, “It was indeed a pity. I’ve been on the set for so long and still haven’t had a chance to meet our investor.”

Wen Jing on the side said with a smile, “President Qiao is a busy person and would not have time for us every day. If Sister Shiyan wants to meet him, it’s probably easier to look for him in the Shengshi Building.”

The second these words were out, Chen Shiyan’s face turned somewhat ugly immediately.

Her assistant Chang Xuan looked at Wen Jing unpleasantly. “What do you mean! Are you humiliating our Sister Shiyan?”

Xia Ning yelled at Wen Jing in a low voice, “Wen Jing, apologize to Sister Shiyan now.” She then turned to Chen Shiyan and said, “Sorry, Sister Shiyan. My assistant is very naive and sometimes, does not mean what she says.”

Wen Jing was a bit baffled by Chang Xuan’s shout. She said somewhat wrongfully, “Sister Xia Ning, I didn’t say anything wrong. President Qiao is only here occasionally and he should be in his company in Shengshi Building more often. If someone wants to see him, don’t they need to go there for him?”

Chen Shiyan heard this and realized that she was mistaken just now. She felt a bit awkward and said to Chang Xuan at once, “Why are you losing your temper over nothing? You scared this little sister. Apologize now.”

Chang Xuan did not feel like apologizing at all. She definitely did not think that was what Wen Jing meant. But Chen Shiyan was looking at her on the side. She darted an angry look at Wen Jing, and said unwillingly, “Sorry.”

Wen Jing could not be that naive to not be able to tell the difference between a sincere apology and a faked one. She replied without too much emotion, “Sure.”

Chen Shiyan had some other parts in the morning, so she took Chang Xuan to get changed into costumes.

Wen Jing saw Chen Shiyan and Chang Xuan’s backs and sneered. “I suspect Chen Shiyan has something for President Qiao too! Another Li Shanshan! Too bad President Qiao will not like her!”

Xia Ning took a look at her. “You better think before you speak next time.”

Wen Jing held Xia Ning’s arm and said with a smile, “With Sister Xia Ning here, they won’t be able to bully me.”

Xia Ning smiled and did not know what to do with her.

As for what Chen Shiyan had in mind for Qiao Yu, it had nothing to do with her.

On this side, Chen Shiyan and Chang Xuan were walking towards the dressing room.

Chang Xuan said to Chen Shiyan, “Sister Shiyan, that Xia Ning and her assistant meant something just now. Don’t be fooled by them.”

Chen Shiyan darted a look at Chang Xuan and frowned. “You mistook someone else’s words. And after your little show just now, it looks like I have something in mind for President Qiao.”

Chang Xuan heard that and changed her expression. She apologized, “Sorry, Sister Shiyan. I just didn’t want them to defame you.” She sneered. “Who doesn’t know you are with Young Master Song? They were obviously humiliating you. I was just upset.”

Humiliating her for what? Changing her mind? Chen Shiyan heard her and her face turned even uglier. She walked into the dressing room without saying anything.

Chang Xuan saw Chen Shiyan’s back and frowned. Did she say anything wrong that made Sister Shiyan a bit upset?