Chapter 188: Qiao Yu’s Here

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The scenes in the morning were done smoothly. Then, it was Lu Chuan and Xia Ning’s part. It NGed one time because of Xia Ning. Director Li saw that she was not looking well but did not say too much.

It was after the filming that Lu Chuan pulled Xia Ning aside and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t look good.”

Xia Ning replied with a smile, “I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

Lu Chuan nodded. “Then you better rest well. Oh, there’s something…” As he spoke, he looked awkward.

“What?” Xia Ning looked at him with confusion.

Lu Chuan thought for a second and said, “Could you ask Fu Yao to post a Weibo to clear the fact that I don’t have anything to do with her?”

Xia Ning heard that and was surprised. “You are saying it’s still not taken care of?”

Didn’t she ask Wen Jing to contact Fu Yao already? It was very simple.

Lu Chuan nodded. “Yeah, just for this, I didn’t sleep well for an entire night. I don’t have anyone else to ask, so I came to you. You and Fu Yao are from the same company and it seems like you have a good relationship.”

Xia Ning said with all seriousness on her face, “Brother Lu, don’t worry. I will contact Fu Yao again for this. Maybe she was resting and did not pay attention to the news outside.”

Lu Chuan nodded. “That will be great. Thanks.” They talked for a bit and he went to get changed.

Seeing Lu Chuan’s back, Xia Ning frowned. She came to Wen Jing immediately.

“What’s going on with Fu Yao? You still haven’t got ahold of her?”

Wen Jing nodded. “Nope. Her number is not getting through. Sorry, Sister Xia Ning. I forgot to tell you.”

“What is Lu Qing doing!” Xia Ning frowned. “What’s good about this kind of gossip? Good thing Lu Chuan is nice and did not take action. Otherwise, how shameful would it be for Fu Yao?”

Wen Jing saw that Xia Ning was a bit angry and said immediately, “Sister Xia Ning, I will try to contact Fu Yao again.”

“Contact Lu Qing directly. Fu Yao is under her so she can decide.”

Wen Jing nodded and went aside to make the call.

This was taken care of quickly. When Lu Chuan saw Xia Ning, he thanked her a couple of times.

Xia Ning felt a bit uneasy. After all, she was closer to Lu Qing and Fu Yao was from her company.

After Chen Shiyan got there, the progress of the show went quickly.

But Zheng Haodong was a bit busy lately and did not show up on time to the set. It was said that something went wrong with his new album.

Director Li was a bit unhappy about it but agreed to shoot his parts earlier. That could even make the progress faster.

So a week’s progress now was like two weeks before.

When Xia Ning was done with one scene, she went to grab water. She saw the iced lemonade on the chair and turned to Wen Jing. “Did you go out to get this? It’s too sunny outside. Better stay indoors.”

It was in July and very hot. Some iced lemonade would be really helpful. Xia Ning picked it up and took a sip after putting a straw in it.

Wen Jing shook her head. “I didn’t buy it. It was from President Qiao’s people.”

“Cough cough…” Xia Ning almost choked herself. She looked at Wen Jing with her eyes wide open. “Who did you say?”

Xia Ning stared and Wen Jing and was surprised. She then followed her eyes to look over.

Under the parasol, the man was wearing a white shirt and black pants. His look made him not as serious and cold as before.

He had his head slightly low and was looking at the camera and talking to Director Li next to him. His gorgeous face looked very elegant and fresh.