Chapter 189: Director Li’s Tease (1)

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They said a man focusing on work was the most charming, not to mention such a handsome man.

Xia Ning’s eyes glanced over the actresses around her who were all looking at him from time to time. She sneered in her heart. No matter where this man went, he was always the focus of the crowd. His face would be able to deceive a lot of naive young girls.

Didn’t he come to J City for market investigation? Why would he have time to come to the set?!

It couldn’t be that he was really into directing, and wanted to be a director some other time?

“Sister Xia Ning, do we need to go there and say hi to President Qiao?” Wen Jing remembered that Xia Ning was able to get out of the police station quickly thanks to Qiao Yu. Therefore, Xia Ning definitely should show something at this time.

Xia Ning said calmly, “It will be my turn soon. I don’t have time.”

“Sister Xia Ning, you remembered wrongly. Your part is the one after the next one,” Wen Jing said with confusion.

Even though Wen Jing looked careless, she was still doing a good job as an assistant. She remembered Xia Ning’s daily schedules very clearly.

Xia Ning darted a look at Wen Jing. Couldn’t this girl read others’ faces? She did not talk and put the iced lemonade on the chair and walked to the dressing room.

“Sister Xia Ning, your lemonade!” Wen Jing picked up the drink and yelled at Xia Ning.

But it was as if Xia Ning did not hear her and continued moving forward.

Are you kidding? Can you drink what Qiao Yu got for you? She almost wanted to throw up whatever she took in just now!

Qiao Yu who was looking at the camera tilted his head suddenly. He saw the girl walking towards the dressing room in a heavy costume. His eyes got dark and his lips curled slightly.

“This scene is better done this way…” Director Li was still teaching on the side and did not realize that his ‘apprentice’ wanted nothing of it.

On the other side, Chen Shiyan walked out of the dressing room and saw Qiao Yu who was sitting next to Director Li and felt like she saw wrongly.

“Don’t you think President Qiao is more handsome than before?” An actress who just passed by said with shyness on her face.

“Yeah, when President Qiao is not in a suit, he looks only a bit aloof, but not serious or dull at all. My heart jumps faster with a single look at him even from far away.”

“This President Qiao is really modest. He is in charge of such a big company, yet he is still picking up knowledge in directing from Director Li. No wonder he has achieved so much at such a young age.”

Hearing what people were saying next to her, Chen Shiyan returned to herself slowly. Seeing the impeccable man, some emotions flew through her eyes.

Soon, she organized her clothes and put on a perfect smile on her face when walking towards the scene.

Yes, to the scene, not to Qiao Yu.

Behind the camera, Director Li saw Chen Shiyan’s performance and praised, “Chen Shiyan has good acting skills. She got the Drama Queen from the Huabiao Awards at a young age.”

Qiao Yu heard him and darted a quick look at Chen Shiyan before he moved his eyes away. “I heard that’s the most unskillful award,” he said calmly.

“…” Director Li was a bit speechless and darted a look at Qiao Yu. “It’s still something. She is still over there. If your words went into her ears, she might cry.”

Qiao Yu frowned. “I was just telling the truth.”

Director Li was a bit speechless. He continued, “In terms of who has the best talent, it has to be Xia Ning among this entire crew. I’m pretty sure, after some time, she will be someone accomplished. And she will definitely achieve more than Chen Shiyan.”

Qiao Yu frowned. “A trophy from Huabiao Awards is not really an achievement.”

“…” Director Li suddenly lost interest in talking to him. He complained, “If you did not have the looks and the money, you would probably be single for your entire life.”

Qiao Yu: “…”