Chapter 190: Director Li’s Tease (2)

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Chen Shiyan finished this scene and walked towards Director Li’s direction.

“Director Li, is there any issue with my performance just now?” Chen Shiyan walked over and looked at Director Li sincerely.

Director Li nodded with a smile. “No issue at all. Very good.”

Chen Shiyan smiled and said, “Thank you, Director Li.” As she spoke, she looked to Qiao Yu who was sitting on the side. “President Qiao, long time no see.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at her and nodded without speaking.

Chen Shiyan’s heart sank. Did he forget who she was?

“President Qiao, I heard that you were paying a lot of attention to investing in movies and TV shows. Seeing you here today, I finally believe that. Our Director Li is a very outstanding director in the field. I’m sure you had a very good conversation, ” Chen Shiyan said with a smile.

Everybody loved nice words. Director Li’s face got even more pleasant looking at Chen Shiyan. “President Qiao is a genius. I’m afraid there will be very little for me to teach him soon.”

As if Qiao Yu did not hear Director Li at all, he proceeded to take out his phone.

Chen Shiyan realized Qiao Yu was not trying to make conversation at all. She darted a look at his screen and said, “Is President Qiao on Weibo as well?”

Director Li followed Chen Shiyan’s eyes and looked over. He then said with a smile, “Only you young folks like this. I’m too old for this.”

“Director Li, it’s no trouble at all. Very simple. If you open a Weibo account, a lot of fans will follow you.” Chen Shiyan smiled sweetly. But her gaze was falling onto Qiao Yu occasionally.

It seemed that Qiao Yu was separated from the outside noises and was looking down at his phone.

Chen Hong knew that Boss was losing patience. If he did not speak, it meant that he had no intention to talk to that person.

The woman in front of her, no, the Drama Queen Chen Shiyan, thought she could see the director with the excuse of improving acting skills and make Boss notice her.

This kind of women, he had seen so many when he was next to Boss.

Who knew what was going on in those women’s heads. Boss was not a tasty bread that everybody could take a bite.

And this woman was definitely with Young Master Song. If Young Master Song knew what she was doing behind him, what would happen?

Just at that time, Xia Ning finished changing as well. This scene involved Chen Shiyan and Xia Ning, as well as the empress played by Cui Meng.

Chen Shiyan said to Director Li and Qiao Yu with a smile, “I’ll go get ready for the next scene. Please, Director Li and President Qiao, help me improve.”

Director Li nodded but Qiao Yu was still looking at his phone with his head down.

When Chen Shiyan was gone, Director Li said to Qiao Yu suddenly, “I think you should not come to the set anymore.”

“Huh?” Qiao Yu looked up at Director Li.

Director Li sighed. “When you are here, most of the actresses are staring at you. If this keeps happening, they will not have the focus to act out the scenes.”

Qiao Yu frowned slightly. He wanted to say, what did it have to do with him?

Director Li suddenly turned around and looked back. He said pleasantly, “Good thing we have an exception here.”

Qiao Yu followed Director Li’s yes and saw Xia Ning walking towards the scene with her eyes focused on the front. She did not look over at all, as if she did not know he was here.

Director Li continued, “Normally she would come by and say hi. Today, she probably saw you here and did not want to come over. In fact, when I see that she dislikes you, I feel very happy in my heart.”

Qiao Yu: “…”