Chapter 192: Keep Picking On Her

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Xia Ning returned to the rest area and felt both upset and speechless.

He was definitely not here to learn from Director Li but to mess with her on purpose. She really did not know how she offended him.

Well, just for today.

Chen Shiyan saw Xia Ning was back already and walked over to ask her, “Xia Ning, did President Qiao say bad things to you just now?”

Xia Ning looked at her with an awkward face.

Chen Shiyan saw it and comforted her, “Don’t be sad. President Qiao has been up there so long so he is definitely different from Director Li and others when he talks and does things.”

“So what does Sister Shiyan think President Qiao is like?” Xia Ning asked back.

Chen Shiyan was surprised to hear such a question from Xia Ning.

She smiled and said, “Must be a very serious person.”

Xia Ning nodded. “You don’t say. He was saying that my facial expression was too rigid and I was not good with the lines.”

“Don’t feel bad. Work harder next time.” Chen Shiyan smiled and comforted her. “Who could guarantee to say every line perfectly? Don’t be mad at President Qiao.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her and smiled without speaking.

Chen Shiyan got the answer she wanted and was very satisfied. She saw that Xia Ning was not in a great mood and decided to leave her alone. She returned to her spot to read the script.

Seeing Chen Shiyan from not too far away, Xia Ning’s lips curled up a little.

Just as Wen Jing said, Li Shanshan was gone but Chen Shiyan came!

Lu Chuan heard about it and came over. He darted a look at Qiao Yu who was not too far away and said to Xia Ning, “How did it go? Did President Qiao give you a hard time?”

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Of course not. President Qiao just taught me how to act.”

Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning with confusion. How could President Qiao teach her how to act?

“Pay attention yourself and don’t offend the investor. Plus, your next movie is invested by President Qiao as well,” Lu Chuan said.

Xia Ning nodded. “I know.”

The point was that it was not her that wanted to offend the investor but it was the investor not wanting to leave her alone.

This was proven even more during the filming in the afternoon.

Qiao Yu was a bit embarrassed by Director Li’s words as he really did not mean that.

Seeing Lu Chuan and Xia Ning chatting happily not too far out there, Qiao Yu frowned. Some emotions were ready to burst out of his gaze.

Just before the eruption, he stood up and left to make a call.

When Qiao Yu got back, his face was somewhat unpredictable. He then approached Director Li.

Who knew what was wrong with Qiao Yu but he became the deputy director and Director Li actually let him do his thing.

Xia Ning was standing in front of the cameras. When she came to think that Qiao Yu’s eyes were staring at her behind the cameras, she felt very weird.

As a professional actress, Xia Ning was able to get into her role very quickly but not everyone was like her.

The actress acting with her had just spit out a few words when a cold voice sounded from below, “No, the actress’s voice was shaking.”

The actress blushed immediately.

Xia Ning smiled at her. “No worries. Let’s do it again.”

“Are you still hungry? I can’t hear you.” The cold voice of the man sounded again.

Xia Ning saw the actress’s face turned pale and tried to comfort her. “Don’t get nervous.”



“The cameras are not for the back of your head!” The man’s cold voice rose again.

After a dozen NGs, the actress eventually ran away with tears and shame.

Xia Ning was upset too. It was just some freaking lines of greeting. Why would he be so picky? Who would believe that he did not do it on purpose?

Did he know she had a lot of other scenes to do today?! Because of the delay here, her schedule would be delayed a lot!

It was fine if he was picking on her just now but why was he still doing it? Did he think she was easy to mess with? Xia Ning walked towards Qiao Yu with anger.