Chapter 194: This Misunderstanding Seemed Big

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Qiao Yu returned to Director Li when he finished the call.

Director Li saw him coming back and pointed to Xia Ning in the camera. “See, this is what a professional actress is. She only needed a short moment to adjust her mood. This scene is going so well that I feel so happy in my heart.”

Qiao Yu sat next to Director Li and watched Xia Ning’s face in the camera. She was not as serious and angry as she was just now when facing him. She looked completely immersed in the role right now.

Director Li thought of something suddenly and said, “Actually, I’m very curious.”

“Huh?” Qiao Yu looked at Director Li.

“Do you and Xia Ning have some big problem with each other?”

Qiao Yu: “…”

Director Li saw that he was not answering and did not ask any further. He turned back to the camera.

After some time of silence, Qiao Yu asked, “Why do you say so?”

“Hmm?” Director Li looked at him with shock.

Qiao Yu frowned and explained, “I don’t have any problem with her.”

Director Li nodded and did not talk anymore, with his eyes back to the camera.

Qiao Yu: “…” He started the topic so why was he not talking anymore?

Qiao Yu could not help but ask, “Why do you think Xia Ning and I have a problem?”

“Of course, I know you and Xia Ning don’t have a big problem,” Director Li looked at him and said.

Qiao Yu frowned even more. “So?” Why did he feel he was not going to like what he said next.

“That’s why I’m curious about what did you do to make others think that you two have a very bad relationship and that you are ready to switch the female lead at any second!” Director Li blurted out at once and looked back to the camera, ignoring Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu: “…”

When did he ever say he hated Xia Ning? It seemed when Xia Ning was walking to him just now, everyone was looking at her with pity…

This misunderstanding seemed big.

Without Qiao Yu in the middle, the progress was much smoother than before.

Xia Ning got done with two scenes and walked back the rest area. She took over the water from Wen Jing’s hand and took a sip. She felt very happy.

“Sister Xia Ning, actually, I don’t think President Qiao was against you just now,” Wen Jing said tentatively.

“Huh?” Xia Ning darted a look at her. This girl seemed to have a very good impression of Qiao Yu. She couldn’t be another fan of Qiao Yu.

Wen Jing followed immediately, “Last time, Qi Le was picking on you on the set and President Qiao drove Qi Le away. When you were at the police station, President Qiao bailed you out. And then when Li Shanshan was defaming you on purpose, it was President Qiao who kicked Li Shanshan out of the circle. Also…”

“Why do I feel you are just as imaginative as Lu Qing? Haven’t you heard the words ‘no businessman is stupid’? Don’t you see that every time it was related to his own interest? So my kid, don’t overthink. An overbearing CEO is only good enough to deceive a naive girl like you. Come back to reality and go to bed early.” Xia Ning handed the water back to Wen Jing. “My part is up next. Gotta go.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s back, Wen Jing’s mouth twitched. It was not like she liked President Qiao, okay? She just felt President Qiao was treating Sister Xia Ning differently. But why was Sister Xia Ning not believing it?

Xia Ning walked to the scene and sneered in her heart. Qiao Yu’s face was really deceptive with abstinence, aloofness, and handsomeness. How could a naive girl like Wen Jing be able to resist that? Plus, he was very rich. Besides Wen Jing, there must be way more girls after him.

Her eyes looked at the camera without realizing. Qiao Yu was looking at the script with his head down. He looked very cold, but also extremely attractive.

She curled her lips. And this, a gentle and fresh look. It was like poison for the girls.

Just when she was moving her eyes away, she suddenly saw Chen Shiyan walking towards Qiao Yu.