Chapter 195: I’ve Never Thought About Switching Xia Ning

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Qiao Yu was looking at the script when he noticed that someone was looking at him. He looked up instinctively and met the eyes with a ghostly smile.

Qiao Yu frowned slightly. What kind of look was that?

Suddenly, a shadow blocked his line of sight. He frowned even more. He looked up and saw Chen Shiyan blocking him.

“President Qiao…” Chen Shiyan was done with her parts today so she had already changed into her own clothes. A spotless white dress with a perfect smile on her face, she looked very dignified and elegant.

Qiao Yu shot a look at her and moved his eyes away. He looked over to Xia Ning’s direction, but too bad he could only see her back now.

Remembering her look at him just now, he felt weird.

Chen Shiyan followed Qiao Yu’s eyes and happened to see him staring at Xia Ning.

“President Qiao, there is no need for you to be upset about Xia Ning. She’s a newcomer and sometimes, it’s easier for her to be frustrated and impulsive,” Chen Shiyan said to Qiao Yu with a smile.

Qiao Yu took back his gaze and looked at Chen Shiyan. “What did you just say?”

Chen Shiyan thought Qiao Yu did not hear her clearly and explained with a smile, “I know you don’t like Xia Ning. But in any case, she’s our female lead and her acting skills good enough. If you switch her to someone else, it might not look good.”

Qiao Yu closed the script and rested his fingers on his leg. He tapped his leg slightly and went into a brief silence. He then asked suddenly, “What’s not good about it?” But his voice was obviously sulkier.

Chen Shiyan heard that and her eyebrows jumped. She thought she had hit Qiao Yu’s sore spot and answered immediately, “We have already finished filming over half of the scenes. If we switch the female lead now, the entire show needs to be re-filmed and that would cost a lot of money.” She smiled. “Therefore, you should just ignore her.”

“You think I don’t have money?” Qiao Yu squinted his eyes but he was not looking at Chen Shiyan. Instead, he was looking at Xia Ning who was in the scene not too far away.

Chen Shiyan thought Qiao Yu was like this because he already planned to switch Xia Ning’s role. She said with a smile, “Of course not. Whoever gets the female lead is just a matter of your word. I just feel bad for Xia Ning.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at her and said coldly, “Are you and Xia Ning close?”

Chen Shiyan was surprised and her heart raced. She had to answer this one perfectly. After some thinking, she answered, “Not really. I just got to know her because of this show and I’m not sure about her personality. I didn’t know she would give President Qiao a hard time in public! It was the problem of the actress and your critiques were right on. It was her who was making a big fuss…”

“Director Li was just saying that my instructions were wrong. So what you were saying was, Director Li was wrong too,” Qiao Yu said calmly.

The smile on Chen Shiyan’s face disappeared immediately. She darted a look at Director Li who had his back to them and had a bad feeling in her heart. It was okay to say Xia Ning was wrong, but Director Li was not someone who she could offend. Especially when Director Li had a very good relationship with President Qiao.

“How could Director Li be wrong?” Chen Shiyan answered with a smile.

Qiao Yu glanced past her and said coldly, “So it was still me who was wrong?”

Chen Shiyan’s heart jumped. She lowered her head and said immediately, “Of course, President Qiao is not wrong. So…” But her tongue was not listening to her. Under the huge pressure from Qiao Yu, her mind went blank and she couldn’t even finish her words.

Qiao Yu recalled his gaze back and said calmly, “It doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong. But the cast was picked by the director and I respect that. I’ve never thought about switching Xia Ning. I don’t know why you would have that idea.”

Chen Shiyan’s face turned pale, looking awkward.

Qiao Yu did not feel it at all and continued, “I hope Miss Chen Shishi would put more thoughts in improving your acting skills as a professional actress, instead of being jealous of someone who is better than you.”

Chen Shiyan’s face changed from being awkward to being embarrassed.