Chapter 196: No, One More Time!

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Chen Shiyan stood at the same place and her face turned red as if she was about to cry.

Anyone would feel bad if they were called out to be tittle-tattling, not to mention Chen Shiyan who was a Movie Queen with great looks. Her self-esteem would not allow it.

Qiao Yu opened his script again to read, completely ignoring her, Chen Shiyan felt that if she did not explain herself now, she would leave a very bad impression on Qiao Yu. She insisted on saying, “President Qiao, I was not talking bad things about Xia Ning. I just thought…”

“President Qiao was just joking with you. Don’t take it too seriously. Go back and do your own stuff.” Director Li turned around and looked at Chen Shiyan. “You need to prepare well for your scenes tomorrow.”

Chen Shiyan was not happy being interrupted. But she knew the director was giving her a way out. She darted a look at Qiao Yu and tried hard to keep her smile. “President Qiao, Director Li, I will leave you now.”

Qiao Yu was looking at the script and did not even look up, as if he did not hear her at all.

Chen Shiyan’s smile got a bit ugly. She turned around and left.

Director Li saw Chen Shiyan’s sad back and poked Qiao Yu’s arm. “At least she’s a good-looking beauty. Your words were blunt.”

Qiao Yu said coldly, “I was telling the truth.”

Director Li raised his eyebrows. “Then you definitely said her name wrong on purpose. It was Chen Shiyan and you said Chen Shishi. You are so bad.”

Qiao Yu frowned. “What’s the difference?” Wasn’t it a trend to have two same words in the name lately?

Director Li: “…” One was the name of a Movie Queen and one was for a random stranger. And you are asking about the difference?!

Well, maybe for him, Chen Shishi and Chen Shiyan were both random strangers, so there was no difference.

Qiao Yu was not really reading the script. He felt somewhat upset. It was true that everyone thought he hated Xia Ning!

The thing was, when did he ever say anything like that and why didn’t he know himself?

When Xia Ning was done with her scenes, she heard that Chen Shiyan was crying and left the set after talking to Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning darted a look at the man behind Director Li and did not feel that it was odd. He had done it so many times when it came to making good-looking girls cry.

“Let’s forget him. I have a lot going on today. Is Brother Zheng here?” Xia Ning glanced around to look for Zheng Haodong.

Wen Jing nodded and answered, “Brother Zheng is here. He’s in the changing room.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Then I will take a quick break first.”

When Zheng Haodong arrived, Xia Ning saw his tired face and asked, “Brother Zheng, are you super busy lately?”

Zheng Haodong shook his head. “Just have to deal with some personal stuff. It’s all done now. No worries.”

Xia Ning nodded. If it was personal then she shouldn’t be asking more about it. But he looked like he was not doing well. It seems like it was better to finish all the scenes sooner than later.

The two walked into the scene and started filming.

Director Li saw Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong not too far away and said sincerely, “Even though Zheng Haodong did not major in acting, he has a lot of talent. He works well with Xia Ning. Now sit back and watch their performance.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Director Li and his expression did not look not good. Yes, he would watch closely.

The scene was about Weiyang trying to get the emperor’s heart again. She was playing an instrument near the lake and got the attention of the emperor. Afterward, they started to talk to each other. The emperor remembered the good days from before and they were in the right mood for a kiss.

Just as Zheng Haodong was ready to kiss her, a cold voice suddenly sounded from below, “No, one more time!”