Chapter 197: No Kissing Scenes

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Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong were still in the scene. Their emotions, gestures, and lines were very smooth, but the sudden voice pulled them back to reality.

Xia Ning would be able to recognize this voice from anywhere. She turned around and looked annoyed at that person.

Everyone else’s eyes went to the man before the camera as well. His handsome face was very sullen, with his black eyes focused coldly on Zheng Haodong and Xia Ning not too far from him. His entire body looked gloomy.

Director Li darted a look at Qiao Yu and swallowed unconsciously. He forgot about him just now. This one could probably never see Xia Ning in a kissing scene.

“Director Li, are we still filming or not? Why is there always irrelevant personnel affecting us?” Xia Ning shouted to Director Li loudly. Anyone hearing this would know she was very upset now.

Zheng Haodong did not expect Qiao Yu to say anything either. His eyes flashed and said to Xia Ning, “It’s okay. Don’t be mad. We can just do it again.”

Xia Ning sneered and looked very cold. “It’s not a matter of doing it again.” That guy was obviously picking on her.

Feeling Qiao Yu’s cold eyes on himself, Zheng Haodong somehow felt chill in his heart too.

“Is President Qiao not happy with me?”

Xia Ning sneered. “It’s not you. It’s me whom he’s not happy with.”

Zheng Haodong looked at her with confusion. He was not here in the morning so he did not know the ‘fight’ between Xia Ning and Qiao Yu.

The air on the set cooled down suddenly. Director Li darted a look at Qiao Yu and stood up. He then said with a smile, “It was good in the beginning. No need to redo this. We could just make up for the scenes later.”

Qiao Yu shot a cold look at him. What did he mean by making up? Another kiss?!

The temperature nearby dropped suddenly. Director Li couldn’t help but shake his body in the coldness. He was speechless in his heart. Obviously, a jealous man could be very scary.

Xia Ning heard this and her expression finally turned slightly better. Zheng Haodong was obviously not himself today. It was a good one just now. If they had to do it again, it definitely would not be as good.

She shot an angry look at Qiao Yu and then turned to Director Li. “I hope somebody will not speak again all of a sudden. If he is not professional, he should not affect others.”

Qiao Yu’s face got more sullen. He looked at Xia Ning who was across him and tried very hard to suppress the anger in his heart.

Director Li heard this and raised his hand to his mouth to pretend to cough. He explained then, “President Qiao did not do it on purpose just now.”

As if I’ll believe you. Xia Ning smirked and looked somewhere else.

The air got more and more awkward. Director Li waved his hand. “Well, well. Let’s get to the makeup scene.”

“No!” Qiao Yu’s cold voice came again.

Xia Ning was ignited too. She turned around and glared at Qiao Yu. “Are you saying you are not letting me do my job today?” What did her acting have to do with him? Was he testing her limits by interrupting again and again?

Zheng Haodong pulled Xia Ning’s arm. “Don’t be mad. Calm down.”

How? If she kept calming down, she would not need to do the scenes anymore. Xia Ning was so mad that she glared at Qiao Yu.

Director Li pulled Qiao Yu aside and looked at him wordlessly. “What are you doing? Everyone is waiting.”

Qiao Yu looked at him coldly. “You did not tell me there are kissing scenes.”

Director Li: “…” So was it his fault then? Wasn’t it normal to have kissing scenes? It would be not normal to not have kissing scenes okay?

Qiao Yu looked very cold. He continued, “If you dare to do the kissing scenes today, I will make this show disappear tomorrow!”