Chapter 198: Who Are You?

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What did he mean by ‘kissing scenes today and show disappears tomorrow’?!

It was an obvious threat! Are you so capable with all your money?

Director Li looked speechlessly at the man looking like an overbearing boss in front of him.

Why the f*ck did he agree to help this guy get his wife back? This was complete torture for him okay?

“Who told you the makeup scenes were kissing scenes?!” Director Li was wordless.

Qiao Yu frowned a little. “Huh?”

Director Li was too lazy to explain to him. He turned around and said to Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong not too far away. “You two do a makeup one with the scene of almost kissing.” He then said to the assistant director on the side, “Ask the kiss subs to get ready.”

The assistant director said immediately, “Sure.” He did not forget to give Qiao Yu a quick glimpse. Didn’t President Qiao say not to do it? Would they be okay?

Many looked at Qiao Yu as well. It couldn’t be that Director Li and Qiao Yu agreed just now?

Director Li saw everyone staring at him and explained with a smile, “President Qiao knew we were going to use kiss subs and thought it was not professional. That was why he spoke out to stop the filming just now. But I’ve explained to him that the actor and the actress did not want to do it themselves. So he said he could understand and he would respect the talents!”

Qiao Yu: “…”

He saw Director Li’s smiley face and his expression got darker. When did he ever say that?

So, he did not tell him they were using kiss subs on purpose!

The staff around them said with a smile, “President Qiao is so professional.”

“I was wondering why President Qiao would stop them.”

“Director Li, it was your fault that we almost misunderstood President Qiao!”

As for what they misunderstood, not many paid attention.

Director Li looked back at Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “President Qiao is very professional so why would he stop the filming because of personal reasons?”

Qiao Yu: “…”

Seeing Qiao Yu’s awkward face, Director Li felt happy immediately. It was the right way to mess with him using Xia Ning.

The previous scene was done well, so the makeup one was relatively easy as well.

Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong’s scene was done quickly.

Off the scene, Zheng Haodong asked Xia Ning, “What do you have against that President Qiao?”

Xia Ning said coldly, “Nothing. Just hate the look of each other.”

Zheng Haodong felt that it was not that simple. But seeing Xia Ning like this, he knew she did not want to talk about it too much. But he could not hold back his curiosity and ask tentatively, “Is President Qiao into you?”

“…” Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong in a weird way before she chuckled. “Why do you think so?”

Zheng Haodong did not speak. He couldn’t really say that it was from his instinct as a man.

Xia Ning was afraid that he might misunderstand, so she explained, “Maybe it was because of my rumor with Gao Yang that he hates me a lot.”

Zheng Haodong knew clearly about the gossip between Xia Ning and the general manager of the Gao Group. After her explanation, everything seemed reasonable.

“Then you better not offend President Qiao,” Zheng Haodong said in a low voice. “Shengshi Group is way stronger than what you and I could imagine. Qiao Yu’s words can completely dictate your development in the entertainment circle.”

Xia Ning knew Zheng Haodong was worried about her. She nodded. “I know.”

But for her to get along with Qiao Yu, it had to depend on the other person.

Qiao Yu left in the afternoon after a short while. Xia Ning felt very worry-free when he was not in her sight.

When all the scenes were done, it was already 10 o’clock at night. Xia Ning returned to the hotel. After some thinking, she finally made a call to that familiar number.

The second the call got through, Xia Ning said unpleasantly, “Hello, I think we should talk about happened today! Were you picking on me on purpose…”

“Who are you?” The man’s cold voice on the other side interrupted her all of a sudden.