Chapter 199: Agreed To Meet

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Xia Ning stared at the phone and could not believe it. Did he just ask who she was?

Couldn’t he recognize her voice? It has only been a short while since they saw each other. Such a ruthless man! She hung up directly and smirked at her phone.

He didn’t recognize her. She did not want to call him either!

In the luxurious suite on the top floor of AS hotel, Qiao Yu was standing by the French window. He stared at the phone as the call got hung up suddenly and frowned slightly.

He could feel the coldness from the person on the other side even from here. The more he thought about it, the weirder he felt. He made a call directly.

“She hung up on me!” Qiao Yu’s voice sounded a bit gloomy.

The person on the other side of the call said casually, “Isn’t that normal? Anyone who got so mad today, and called the perpetrator just to hear that he didn’t know who you were, would in no way be willing to talk nicely.”

“Mu Zichen!” Qiao Yu said coldly with a sullen face.

“My god, don’t get mad, okay? Relax. She will definitely call you again soon.”

Qiao Yu sneered. “I don’t think your words are trustworthy!”

“Think about it. Why would she call you when she changed her number just to avoid you? It must be that she had to talk to you about something. And did she say anything just now? Do you think she will give up? Is your low EQ affecting your IQ already?” The man on the other side teased him ruthlessly. “If I were her I would not bother talking to you either…”

Qiao Yu hung up directly and looked extremely upset.

Just at this time, his phone rang again. He thought it was Mu Zichen and was ready to hang up. But the corner of his eyes glanced at the phone and something sparkled in his eyes. The muscles on his face moved slightly. After some silence, he picked it up.

Xia Ning heard someone picking up and said directly, “Qiao Yu, this is Xia Ning!”

“Yes.” The voice on the other side was calm. “You changed your number.”

Didn’t he already know that she changed her number? Xia Ning lightly suspected that she had overthought and that he did not enter her room at all.

But at this moment, Xia Ning was too lazy to think about so many things. She said directly, “Let’s discuss something.”


“Could you please…” Xia Ning said immediately.

But the one on the other side interrupted her suddenly, “I have an international meeting in a second. Let me finish my meeting and we can meet up and talk.”

Xia Ning said in an upset voice, “It will work via the phone. It won’t take you more than a few minutes.”

“The meeting is starting now. Should I just cancel it?” Qiao Yu’s voice was still calm.

Xia Ning: “…” He already said it like that. If she persisted, it would sound like it was her who delayed his business.

“So, 12 o’clock, let’s meet in North Park. I will send you my location then.”


Just as she finished her word, Qiao Yu heard the call hang up. He looked at the screen and curled his lips.

Xia Ning stared at her phone and frowned slightly. Why did she agree to meet with him? Couldn’t she just call again at 12?

Around midnight, there was no one in the park.

Summer nights were always very quiet, with distant hubbub from the cars passing by far away. The shadow of a person was pulled into a long shape under the yellowish street light.

She was in sportswear with a cap on her head. Her long hair was put up like a college girl. She stood there without moving, focusing on her phone with a headset in her ears.

After some time, a black Bentley stopped in front of her.