Chapter 203: If You Are So Good, Why Don’t You Go!

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At night, Chen Shiyan did treat everyone on the crew.

Director Li didn’t come because it was too far and Zheng Haodong was away because there was something going on for him.

The Movie Queen was paying, so it had to be something different. She picked a private clubhouse downtown.

In the private room, there were three tables. Chen Shiyan was sitting at the head of the table and smiling to everyone at the table. “Make yourself at home today. Order whatever you want. Everything will be on me.”

“Sister Shiyan is really awesome. This kind of place is not for regular people. I was never able to come in here. Today, all thanks to Sister Shiyan, I’m in,” an actor on the crew flattered her with a smile.

“Of course. Sister Shiyan is the Movie Queen. Everyone will have to show their respect to her,” an actress followed.

“From now on, if we follow Sis Shiyan, all of us will be able to live in the lap of luxury soon.”

The flattering came from everywhere. Chen Shiyan was being modest with her words but the smile on her face could not be hidden.

Only Xia Ning and Lu Chuan were holding their own cups and drinking tea as if what was going on had nothing to do with them.

“When Sister Xia Ning becomes the Movie Queen, she will buy us food as well,” a female voice came suddenly through all the other noises.

Xia Ning’s hand on the teacup tightened. She looked over with her eyebrows twitching.

Others looked at the person who spoke as well, but many looks were irony.

Someone scoffed in a low voice, “She certainly has ambition. But not everyone can be the Movie Queen.”

Chen Shiyan said with a smile, “Little sis, you are right. Our Xia Ning will be a future Movie Queen.” Then she looked at Xia Ning. “You are staring in Director Zeng’s movie soon. Getting a ‘Movie Queen’ wouldn’t be that difficult for you.”

The second these words were out, everyone else looked at Xia Ning with surprise. Director Zeng’s movie was not for anyone to just grab. There was a saying in the industry. Anyone who starred in Director Zeng’s movies, even with little acting skill, would be able to become Drama Kings and Queens.

Xia Ning put down the teacup and said with a smile, “I was just lucky to make it when Director Zeng decided to use new actresses. Otherwise, it won’t be my turn to get the female lead.”

Everyone in the room knew clearly about Director Zeng using new actresses this time. Otherwise, they would want to try it as well. Even so, some got a bit jealous.

“Yeah, it’s not that easy to be a Movie Queen. After all, there are so many movies around that same time. Xia Ning is just a newcomer. But she might be able to get a Newcomer’s Award.”

“Yeah, a Newcomer’s Award would be nice as well. We’ve never gotten it,” another actress followed.

Lu Chuan stared at these actresses and got somewhat upset. “It’s Xia Ning’s own business to get a Movie Queen or a Newcomer’s Award. What does it have to do with you? This shouldn’t be your talking material. Aren’t you just jealous of her good resources? If you think you have better acting skills than her and are so good, why don’t you go! If not, leave her alone. So annoying.”

The actresses’ faces turned ugly immediately.

Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan with surprise. Obviously, she did not expect him to be protecting her like this at this time.

Lu Chuan was, in any case, a senior with good looks. If nothing went wrong, he would definitely get popular through this show. So many actresses had eyes on him.

Now, he revealed in public their ugly sides. They were embarrassed, but at the same time, somewhat angry. Why was he protecting Xia Ning like this?

An actress said directly, “Lu Chuan, what kind of relationship do you have with Xia Ning that you are on her side like this?”

“Yeah, Lu Chuan. It can’t be that you like Xia Ning?” These words sounded very weird as if Lu Chuan had some unspeakable thoughts.