Chapter 204: Chen Shiyan’s Introduction

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The show business was always like this. Anytime an actor got close to an actress, people would say they had a special relationship.

Bam! Lu Chuan smashed the teacup on the table and glanced over the actresses in front of him. “If I were really Xia Ning’s boyfriend, I would spill all this water on your face. Too bad I’m not. But as her friend, I will not stand anyone who’s not respectable to my friend. Can’t I do that?! If you don’t have good enough acting skills to get good resources, who should you blame? With how much free time you have, I suggest you put it into learning how to act.”

Lu Chuan had always been very gentle on the set like a ray of sunshine. He had never been so serious. So the actress who was saying he had something with Xia Ning turned red. She wanted to refute him but could not come up with anything.

Lu Chuan did have a good relationship with Xia Ning on the set. But anyone with a brain would be able to tell there was no electricity between them.

The air was a bit awkward. Chen Shiyan said with a smile, “Well well, we were talking about something happy so how did we get to this? Everyone, forget about the unpleasant moments just now for my sake.”

“Yeah, it’s Sister Shiyan’s treat today. Why are we saying unhappy things? Come on. The drink is here. Let’s drink first.”

Someone started to distract everyone and it was easier to liven up the air now.

Xia Ning took a glass with a smile on her face as if what happened just now had nothing to do with her.

The dishes came out one by one. Everyone was eating and joking around.

But Fu Yao was looking at Xia Ning with guilt. She seemed to be wanting to talk but was holding back at the same time.

Lu Chuan darted a look at her and somehow got a bit annoyed. He whispered to Xia Ning, “You’d better be careful with this younger sister from your company. Don’t be fooled by your own people. There are so many white lotus flowers 1 like her in the show business.”

Xia Ning heard this and smiled without talking. But it was interesting to hear the words ‘white lotus flowers’ from Lu Chuan himself.

Chen Shiyan was very happy the entire night, so she drank quite a lot.

“Everyone continue eating. I need to use the ladies’ room.” Chen Shiyan emptied her cup and was ready to stand up. Maybe it was because she drank too much or she stood up too fast, her body swayed and she had to support herself with a hand on the table.

“Sister Shiyan!” The person next to her exclaimed immediately.

Chen Shiyan shook her head. “I’m fine. I probably drank a bit too much.”

“Then let me go with you.” An actress volunteered herself.

Chen Shiyan looked at her with a smile. “It’s fine.” She then turned to Xia Ning across the table. “Xia Ning, can you go with me?”

The rest of the actresses looked at Xia Ning with jealousy in their eyes. It was one thing that she got picked by a famous director and another thing that even Movie Queen Chen Shiyan was being close to her. Was she ready to get so high up?

Xia Ning put down her chopsticks and said to Chen Shiyan calmly, “Sure.”

Lu Chuan on the side frowned. He wanted to stop Xia Ning. This Chen Shiyan picked Xia Ning specifically at this time and definitely wanted everyone to hate her on purpose.

But if Xia Ning had said no, many would have said that Xia Ning was all over herself before she even was that popular.

Xia Ning held Chen Shiyan and moved outside. They opened the door and closed it, and walked towards the ladies’ room.

Chen Shiyan leaned against Xia Ning. She looked to the front and said suddenly, “Xia Ning, why did you get into the entertainment business?”

Xia Ning looked to the front and answered calmly, “To act.”

“Really?” Chen Shiyan smiled slightly. “But acting won’t happen just by thinking. If you want to be famous, you have to pay the price.”

Xia Ning did not speak.

Chen Shiyan stopped suddenly and smiled. “I have a couple of friends who happen to be here today as well. Come say hi with me. Knowing more people will do you no harm.” Her hand reached out to the handle and opened the door.

Xia Ning darted a look at Chen Shiyan and wanted to say no. But her wrist was pulled by Chen Shiyan. She staggered one step forward and followed Chen Shiyan into the private room No. 888.