Chapter 205: A Pimp

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The light in the private room was very dark. It was very noisy just now with male and female voices and non-stop laughter.

The moment she walked in with Chen Shiyan, it quieted down.

Xia Ning tried hard to stand still. She looked up and found everyone staring at her.

Her eyes got used to the darkness quickly and looked around. This private room was huge, with Karaoke, card games, and tables. Everything you need. That was why only the top VIPs could come to this private room No. 888.

There were four guys and three girls inside. The table in the middle was covered with wine bottles, many already empty. It seemed like they had already drunk a lot.

Seeing their outfits, Xia Ning knew the guys were either rich or from famous families, looking like typical young masters. The girls next to them seemed like they were here to accompany the guys. But, only the young master in the middle had no girl next to him.

Xia Ning darted a look at him and raised her eyebrows. It was him!

“Yo, Movie Queen Chen is here.” The young master sitting on the left side of the sofa saw Chen Shiyan and shouted out loud with excitement.

The rest followed, “Why are you so late? We are all waiting for you…”

“Huh, you really brought a newcomer.” A young master’s eyes fell onto Xia Ning who was behind Chen Shiyan.

When he spoke, everyone of course noticed Xia Ning as well.

Especially the man in the middle. His eyes were fixed on Xia Ning the second Chen Shiyan came in.

Chen Shiyan introduced to everyone with grace, “This is our female lead Xia Ning. Don’t take her as just a regular newcomer. She’s already won a Newcomer’s Award and will star in Director Zeng’s movie soon.” She then moved her body away and let Xia Ning be completely exposed to the young masters.

“That sounds really awesome.” Young Master He looked at Xia Ning with interest in his eyes. “It’s my honor to meet a newcomer full of potential like Miss Xia.”

“Young Master He, are you calling dibs on this one?” Young Master Zhou next to him teased. “You are so bad and leave no chance for your brothers.”

Another Young Master Qin said with a smile, “Young Master He is rarely this proactive. Don’t vie with him.”

“Sister Shiyan asked me to go to the ladies’ room with her. When I got here I was like, this ladies’ room was so luxurious!”

Xia Ning who had been silent opened her mouth suddenly.

When the young masters heard this, their faces changed slightly. Was she implying this place was like a toilet?

Chen Shiyan did not expect Xia Ning to say this as well. She apologized with a smile, “Xia Ning was just joking. Please don’t blame her.” As she spoke, she turned to Xia Ning and said, “Xia Ning, I’m here specifically to introduce the young masters to you. The one who was just talking to you is Young Master He, General Manager of the He Group. The one across him is Young Master Qin, son of the Governor of the Province. And this is…”

“Young Master Song, son of Deputy Mayor Song.” Xia Ning interrupted her suddenly. She looked at Chen Shiyan and said with a smile, “Sister Shiyan is really good to me, introducing so many rich and powerful young masters to be my boyfriend. But you introduced four at the same time and I don’t know how to pick!”

Song Chenfeng who was sitting across the table lightened his eyes when Xia Ning called out his name. But when he heard the words from Xia Ning later, his face was not that good.

This little actress was talking nonsense and saying she was picking them. What did she think they were!

The other young masters were glaring at Xia Ning as well, on the edge of losing their temper.

Chen Shiyan found that the air in the private room was getting awkward and said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, don’t talk nonsense.”

Xia Ning stared at her and curled her lips. “Sister Shiyan, if you weren’t getting me to pick a boyfriend, I have no idea why you brought me here. You couldn’t be a pimpstress, right? Also in a nightclub, the word young master means gigolo!”