Chapter 206: Chen Shiyan’s Calculation

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What Xia Ning was implying was that Chen Shiyan ran a brothel and the young masters in front of them were gigolos. Chen Shiyan wanted to introduce the gigolos for her to pick.

Chen Shiyan was indeed being a pimpstress, but the young masters went from fooling with ladies as customers to gigolos who served women. These words were like a slap on the faces of the young masters and greatly hurt their self-esteem.

The air in the private room became extremely cold and the faces of the young masters were very colorful.

Young Master He was so mad that he stomped his foot and pointed to Xia Ning. “B*tch, who are you calling gigolos!” he shouted.

Song Chenfeng stared at Xia Ning coldly with a malicious look.

Chen Shiyan was naturally upset too. What did she mean by calling her a pimpstress? She was a Movie Queen and not some squalid person.

“Xia Ning, I was kind enough to introduce you to Young Master Song and the other young masters. What are you doing?” Chen Shiyan lost her temper at Xia Ning. If Song Chenfeng got upset here today, he would take it out on her. And the perpetrator was Xia Ning.

Xia Ning smirked. “Did I ask you to introduce? Do I need you to introduce? Are people nowadays all as shameless as Sister Shiyan yourself?”

Chen Shiyan sneered. “Xia Ning, you are just a nameless actress. What’s not good about the masters helping you out?”

“So should I thank Sister Shiyan for your kindness?” Xia Ning curled her lips and glanced over the guys on the sofa. “But I’m just curious about one thing. Last time, I saw Sister Shiyan with Young Master Song. If you are together, Sister Shiyan, you must like Young Master Song. Why are you willing to introduce other women to him?”

Chen Shiyan heard that and frowned a little. She stared at Xia Ning with confusion. What did this woman mean?

But Song Chenfeng started to think. Last time after he saw Xia Ning, he asked Chen Shiyan about Xia Ning. Then, Chen Shiyan was very active in getting them connected. At that time, he felt very pleasant and thought she was being skillful and sensible. But now that he thought about it, it did not seem like that was the case anymore.

“So let me guess.” Xia Ning looked at Chen Shiyan and curled her lips. “If a woman is ready to give up someone she likes or the person behind her, that could only be because of one thing.”

Chen Shiyan saw the odd smile on Xia Ning’s face and realized something immediately. She interrupted at once, “Xia Ning, don’t talk nonsense. I did not!”

“Yo, I haven’t even said anything and Sister Shiyan already knew what I was talking about.” Xia Ning chuckled and sighed at Song Chenfeng across her. “I’ve never taken Young Master Song to be such a generous man, who would allow his own woman to switch between different supporters whenever she wants. Now, I really admire Young Master Song’s generosity.”

Song Chenfeng heard this and his face got as dark as the bottom of a pan. He looked at Chen Shiyan across him and his eyes were looking cruel. “You want to find some other guys?”

Chen Shiyan heard the voice and she shivered because she knew better than anybody else about Young Master Song’s means of torture.

“Young Master Song, don’t listen to Xia Ning. Don’t you know my heart to you?” Chen Shiyan was looking like she was somewhat wronged.

Song Chenfeng darted a look at her and smirked. Obviously, he did not believe her.

Xia Ning was happy to see this. Didn’t Chen Shiyan want to dig a hole for her? Then she would get back at her with even more. When she turned around and wanted to leave, Young Master He already blocked the door.

“You wanna go? Not so easy. There is no woman in the world that I can’t get!” Young Master He stared at Xia Ning and looked full of confidence that he would get her.