Chapter 207: How Can You Escape

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Xia Ning looked at the man blocking the door and her eyes were cold. So they wanted to force her to stay here today?

Young Master He’s action livened the air in the private room again.

Young Master Zhou teased, “Young Master He, a real man should make the woman he likes stay. You are good! Haha!”

Young Master Qin also said, “What Young Master Zhou meant was, if Young Master He, you cannot keep this woman today, you are not a man!”


Young Master He looked at Xia Ning with eyes on fire as if he wanted to burn the girl in front of them.

Song Chenfeng sat in the middle of the sofa and looked cold. His eyes were cruel, showing no intention to stop anybody.

As for Chen Shiyan, she was even happier in her heart. Just now, Xia Ning did not give her any face. Now it was time for her to learn a lesson.

Moreover, she did want to introduce Xia Ning to these masters anyway. Now that Xia Ning had offended the masters, it was even better.

Because from the filming they did all this time, Xia Ning obviously had more talent than her. Even Director Li would sometimes use Xia Ning to be her role model.

What a joke! She was the Movie Queen and what was Xia Ning? She was just a nameless actress that wanted to get above her!

She looked at Xia Ning and said with a smile, “Xia Ning, I brought you here, but you are embarrassing me. Why not lower your head and apologize to Young Master He and the rest in a good way? Maybe the young masters will forgive you.”

Xia Ning darted a look at Chen Shiyan and said calmly, “I’ve always been an upright person and have always held my head high. I really don’t know how to lower my head. As for the apology, if I did do wrong, I would sincerely apologize. But today, I really don’t know how to apologize. Since Sister Shiyan has been so good to a junior like me, why don’t you be kind one more time and show me?”

“You…” Chen Shiyan’s face changed and looked very annoyed. She stared at the cold face in front of her and smiled all of a sudden. “You can only talk now.”

Young Master He looked at Xia Ning flirtatiously. He stuck out his tongue. “I’ve never played with a cold beauty like you. Today, I’m really going to…”

“With the general manager title on your card, you think you are so good that you can do anything.” a chuckle sounded suddenly. “This world is probably just like this. Anyone with good abilities is keeping a low profile. And the useless ones who only know how to live off their parents are showing off everywhere.”

The smiles on the young masters’ faces disappeared immediately. Everyone was glaring at Xia Ning.

“B*tch, what did you say? Say it again!” Young Master He was the angriest because he thought Xia Ning was pointing fingers at him.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “Am I wrong? Now I understand why you people are always together. Garbage likes to stay with garbage.”

Young Master He’s face changed and he cursed, “Goddamn b*tch.” He leaned forward and hit in the direction of Xia Ning.

Xia Ning’s eyes flashed and she moved her body away to run directly to the door. She reached the door and held the handle to open it.

Young Master He knew he fell for Xia Ning’s trick and shouted out loud, “Don’t let her get away.” He Turned around to grab Xia Ning directly.

Once the door was opened, Xia Ning wanted to get out. But her arm was grabbed and she could not get rid of him.

Young Master He’s savage voice came from behind. “Do you still wanna run? Are you able to run away?!”

Xia Ning felt her body being pulled back by the person behind her and knew immediately that it will not end well. She held the side of the door and tried to keep her body from being dragged back. But the strength from behind was getting stronger and stronger.

Just as she was about to give up and kick back, a forceful hand fell onto her wrist and a tall shadow projected down.