Chapter 208: Of Course I’m Here For Xia Ning!

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Feeling the strength on her wrist, Xia Ning looked up at the tall figure in front of her. Because he was against the backlight, she could not see his face clearly. But he had a light but familiar smell that made her very relieved.

Young Master He realized that he was not able to pull her back. He looked up and saw a shadow at the door and got annoyed immediately. “F*ck. Who’s outside?”

The others inside were teasing, “Young Master He, you can’t even take care of a woman. That does not look good.”

“Yeah, if you can’t do it, step back and let me. I will make sure she’s tamed.”

Young Master He sneered. “F*ck. If I can’t take care of this woman today, I will write my name upside down.” As he spoke, he started to pull Xia Ning with even more force. “B*tch, come over here!”

Xia Ning arm was hurting from the pull. She wanted to get out but she could not. All of a sudden, the man in front stepped up and her entire face was pushed onto a broad chest, with her waist surrounded by an arm. And in the back, her arm caught by Young Master He was slightly loosened. She was shocked and wanted to get out of the hug. But that arm was holding her very tightly.

“Let me go!” Xia Ning shouted in a low voice, but the man in the front did not move at all.

Young Master He noticed a hand reaching to his hand and he loosened up his arm. “Who are you and who let you in? Let go now, otherwise, I will kill you later!” He felt his wrist almost getting broken by the other person, so he reached out his other arm suddenly.

All of a sudden, that big hand let go and Young Master He took a big step back. He tried to stabilize his body and was about to be mad. “You…”

“Who are you planning to tame? And who do you want to kill?” A cold voice of a man came and that tall figure walked in.

The young masters who were just talking and joking in the room heard him and their faces changed.

Xia Ning looked shocked too. How could it be him!

She pushed him with force suddenly and stepped to the side.

Song Chenfeng and the rest stood up. Someone turned on the light in the private room and the man’s face was revealed clearly.

Young Master He was standing in the front and he looked at the man in front in shock. After a while, he finally made a sound, “Bro… Brother Qiao…”

“Brother Qiao!” Song Chenfeng and others shouted out immediately when they saw who the person was.

Even Chen Shiyan held her head low and said, “President Qiao.” Her voice was very small and no one could hear her. But her heart was full of waves at this moment. She did not expect him to be here today.

Qiao Yu was in a straight black suit and was like a tall mountain that could not be surpassed. His handsome face seemed to be covered by cold ice.

“You are really having fun.” That voice was extremely cold.

Young Master He’s face was even uglier. He put on an apologetic smile and said immediately, “Brother Qiao, I didn’t know it was you. I’m so sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m a stupid jerk. Please don’t be mad at me.” As he spoke, he started to slap himself directly.

Song Chenfeng, Young Master Zhou and others looked at Young Master He and no one spoke up for Young Master He. After all, offending Qiao Yu was something that no one would ever want.

Xia Ning was right about something just now. Some of these guys had a title of general manager, but it was all just a title and they did nothing. Unlike them, Qiao Yu was the CEO of a corporation at a young age and was in charge of the entire Shengshi empire. Even the elders in his family would have to greet him as President Qiao when they saw him.

The private room went into a brief silence. Only the breathing of everyone could be heard.

Young Master He could feel Qiao Yu’s eyes on him as if they were burning a hole in him. He felt very cold down in his heart.

But someone had to break the silence somehow. Young Master Zhou opened his mouth. “What brought Brother Qiao here today? We did not know you were here. If we knew, we would have invited you over.”

Song Chenfeng followed, “Yeah. Brother Qiao, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Xia Ning looked at the young masters who were like mice seeing a cat. She felt ironic. What happened to their fierce attitude? Obviously, they only bullied people below them.

But anyway, why was Qiao Yu here? She was confused too. Remembering she was held by him just now, she felt very odd.

Qiao Yu darted a look at the others and looked at Xia Ning suddenly. “Of course I’m here for Xia Ning!”