Chapter 209: Young Master Song’s Rage

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Here for Xia Ning?!

The second these words were out, Young Master He and the rest were deeply shocked. What was the relationship between Brother Qiao and Xia Ning?

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu with surprise too. Her eyes collided with his and she frowned. Why was he here for her?! She then thought about his hug just now and how she felt when she smelled him. Her mood went down immediately.

It was not good for Qiao Yu to see her like this!

Song Chenfeng darted a look at Qiao Yu and Xia Ning and frowned. Last time at the charity reception, he saw Brother Qiao helping Xia Ning out. Their relationship might not be that simple. Everyone knew Qiao Yu was not the helpful type.

Chen Shiyan thought Qiao Yu just happened to be here and did not think he was here for Xia Ning at all. The seed of jealousy started to grow in her heart immediately.

“Brother Qiao, what do you have to do with Xia Ning?” Young Master Qin could not help but ask. This was crucial to them.

Qiao Yu darted a look at Young Master Qin. “What do you think?”

Young Master Qin was caught by surprise and did not know what to say. “Ummm…” If he knew, he would not have asked.

If they almost touched Brother Qiao’s woman, that would be very serious.

“What can I have to do with President Qiao? Definitely not like you young masters calling each other brothers.” Xia Ning spoke suddenly and glanced over everyone in the room. “Now that President Qiao’s here, I don’t think anyone would need my company. I’ll leave you now.”

“It was Mr. Lu who asked me to look for you. He’s waiting for you now.” A cold voice came suddenly.

Xia Ning’s body shook. She held her head low and moved her lips. “Thanks, President Qiao!” As she spoke, she walked out directly.

Qiao Yu looked at her vanishing back with his deep eyes. He did not speak.

Nothing between them. Everyone felt relieved at once. That would make things easier. They did not offend Brother Qiao.

Chen Shiyan knew it was not good for her to stay. She said immediately, “President Qiao, I will go with Xia Ning. She drank a lot tonight. I’m worried she’ll fall.”

Qiao Yu’s eyes glanced over Chen Shiyan and looked very cold. “I heard the person who drank a lot was Miss Chen.”

Chen Shiyan was surprised and put on an awkward smile, “President Qiao, no way. I didn’t drink that much…”

Qiao Yu nodded. “That means you haven’t had enough!”

Chen Shiyan looked at Qiao Yu with confusion. What did he mean by this?

Song Chenfeng and the others were very clear. They said immediately, “Brother Qiao’s drinking with us today. Hurry, get the wine.”

Song Chenfeng stepped up directly and said to Qiao Yu, “Brother Qiao, please sit.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at him and did not say no this time. He walked straight to the top seat. Of course, before he sat down, someone had already wiped the sofa.

Qiao Yu sat down and did not even raise his eyes. “Don’t give up your fun just because I’m here. Continue.”

Young Master He knew he was the one that offended Qiao Yu today. He took a bottle of XO from a waiter and opened it at once. He said to Qiao Yu, “Brother Qiao, I was being an a*shole today. I will drink up this bottle to apologize to you!” Before Qiao Yu said anything, he started pouring already.

Seeing Young Master He finishing a bottle in a minute, Song Chenfeng and the rest’s faces turned purple. This kind of drinking could kill people.

But there were another dozen bottles on the table. Who would dare to ask Brother Qiao to drink?

Song Chenfeng finally realized that Brother Qiao was not really staying to get together with them.

Last time, Xia Ning and Gao Yang were in the same scandal. Xia Ning and Gao Yang were schoolmates and Brother Qiao was from Cambridge as well. Therefore, he must know Xia Ning and are not just some acquaintances.

If that was the case, they have offended Brother Qiao completely today.

Remembering it was all caused by Chen Shiyan’s own idea, Song Chenfeng was very upset. And connecting the dots to what Xia Ning was mocking Chen Shiyan for, he knew everything. This b*tch wanted to throw herself out, but she needed to see if Brother Qiao would take her in or not. No, first she needed to see if he, the current supporter would let her do that or not.

He looked at Chen Shiyan who was trying hard to keep a low profile and smiled. “Shiyan, why don’t you come over and drink with Brother Qiao? I remember the last time you wanted to drink with him and did not succeed. You should definitely drink a couple more bottles for us today.”