Chapter 210: The Drinking Party

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After Xia Ning got out of the private room, she did not leave immediately. Soon, she saw a waiter taking bottles of wine in.

Looks like Qiao Yu is drinking a couple of glasses with his good brothers.

Xia Ning curled her lips and looked sarcastic. She did not expect him to hang out with these young masters. She had thought too highly of him. Helping Lu Chuan to look for her was just by chance.

“Xia Ning, why are you standing here?” Lu Chuan’s voice came.

Xia Ning looked over and saw Lu Chuan running to her.

“How come you were away for so long? Someone went to the ladies’ room and could not find Chen Shiyan and you. I was so worried that something might happen to you. Where were you?” Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning with blame, but the worry in his eyes could not be hidden.

Xia Ning smiled at him. “Sister Shiyan met some friends and pulled me over to meet them.”

Lu Chuan heard that and frowned. “Chen Shiyan? Xia Ning, you should watch out for her. Women’s jealousy can be very scary. And this circle is way dirtier than you could imagine…”

“I know. Thanks, Brother Lu for reminding me.” Xia Ning smiled and said. Even Lu Chuan knew Chen Shiyan was up to no good. She let her guard down just now.

“How did Brother Lu find President Qiao to help me out?” Xia Ning asked suddenly.

“President Qiao?” Lu Chuan frowned. “I did not see President Qiao.”

Xia Ning’s face changed. Didn’t Qiao Yu say Lu Chuan asked him to help look for her?

“Is President Qiao here?” Lu Chuan looked past Xia Ning’s back but did not see anyone.

Xia Ning smiled, “No. Well, let’s go back.”

“Oh, where’s Chen Shiyan?” Lu Chuan said with confusion.

Xia Ning smiled again. “Sister Shiyan is with her friends now. I don’t think she can make it back for a while.”

Lu Chuan nodded and did not ask any more questions. What Chen Shiyan was doing had nothing to do with him.

On the other side, Chen Shiyan had already drunk a bottle of XO like Young Master He, under Song Chenfeng’s ‘gentle’ eyes. She debuted at a young age. To climb higher, she had been to a lot of drinking parties. She could handle a bottle of XO, but her head was already a bit dizzy.

“Good drinking!” Young Master Qin smiled and said as he put another bottle in front of Chen Shiyan.

They would not be able to drink that much wine and have to find somebody to drink it anyway. Moreover, had Chen Shiyan not asked them to come out and drink today, they would not have run into Brother Qiao like this.

Chen Shiyan saw the bottle in front of her and already felt something was wrong. They could not be expecting her to finish all this wine. She swallowed unconsciously and looked at Qiao Yu across her.

Qiao Yu was looking down at his phone with a calm face. Nobody knew what was going on in his mind.

“Shiyan, why are you looking at Brother Qiao?” Song Chenfeng pulled Chen Shiyan into his arms and said close to her ear.

Chen Shiyan’s heart jumped. She tilted her head to look at Song Chenfeng and happened to meet his dangerous and mysterious eyes. She moved her lips. “No, I was not…”

“What are you worried about? Drink. Brother Qiao said you did not drink enough and I think so too.” Song Chenfeng grabbed a bottle and handed it to Chen Shiyan.

Chen Shiyan struggled and said. “No, Young Master Song. I can’t drink anymore. I…”

“How come you can’t drink? Everybody knows our Shiyan can drink.” Song Chenfeng curled his mouth and held Chen Shiyan’s jaw before he started to pour the wine down her throat.

“Ah…” Chen Shiyan struggled and looked at Song Chenfeng with a painful expression. The corner of her eyes glanced at Qiao Yu across her. He was still sitting there staring at his phone as if everything happening here had nothing to do with him.

The dozen of bottles were almost finished. Chen Shiyan was having a stomachache and rolling on the ground. The rest were lying there unconsciously as well.

Young Master He held an empty bottle and looked at Qiao Yu. “Brother Qiao, I can’t drink anymore. I’m done.” As he spoke, he fell onto the table directly.

Qiao Yu turned off his phone and stood up. He walked over and grabbed him with one hand, staring at him coldly. “You can’t drink anymore?”

Young Master He wanted to answer. “Brother Qiao…”

Qiao Yu looked cold. He released his hand and kicked him in the chest, flying him away…