Chapter 212: The Weird Qiao Yu

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Lu Chuan saw the two holding each other closely with shock. Why did this pose seem a bit flirtatious?

Also, President Qiao’s voice sounded serious, but his words… Did you hear him talking about her being careless and what if she really fell? That was very doting.

F*ck. No wonder last time at dinner, President Qiao saw him with Xia Ning and looked at him in a weird way. He accidentally stepped on a landmine.

“Let me go!” Xia Ning frowned and said. Why would it matter to him whether she fell or not?

Qiao Yu saw her angry face and let her go.

Xia Ning stepped down another stair, obviously not wanting to stand close to him.

Qiao Yu frowned a little but kept going, “Don’t worry. They won’t dare to pick on you again.”

“What?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu with confusion and did not follow.

Qiao Yu frowned again and said, “Be careful next time and don’t be fooled by anyone again. You were always like this, trusting people too easily. How come you are still like this now?”

Xia Ning: “…” Who could tell her who this person was? She refused to believe this was Qiao Yu.

“Next time something happens, don’t take it on just by yourself. Remember to call for help. If I didn’t come today, who knows what could have happened.” Qiao Yu frowned even more.

Xia Ning returned to herself and sneered. “I don’t dare to trouble you, President Qiao…”

It was as if Qiao Yu did not hear her and continued, “Enoch called me just now and said he wanted to call you. I told him your number. He might call you in a bit. Think about him before you do anything. He needs you.”

Xia Ning stared at the man in front of her as if she was looking at a crazy person. Was this really the Qiao Yu she knew?

Just at this time, her phone rang. Xia Ning took out her phone and took a look. It was indeed Enoch’s number.

Xia Ning did not pick up for a long while. In fact, she changed her number just to make sure Enoch would not contact her again.

But seeing his number on the screen, she had the urge to pick it up.

“If you don’t pick up, he might not be able to sleep well for an entire night,” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning and said. “Yesterday, he was complaining to me that you don’t talk to him anymore and wanted to find you.”

Xia Ning pressed her lips together and looked at her phone. After a long silence, she finally picked up.

“Mummy, it’s Enoch. Did you miss me?” A naive and carefree childish voice came immediately from the phone.

“Hey, it’s…” Xia Ning’s voice was a bit dry. She walked to the corner of the staircase and wanted to answer the call in private.

“Mummy, are you sick?” Enoch asked with concern on the phone. “Daddy says if you are sick, you should drink more water and take medicine on time.”

“Mummy is not sick…”

“Then it must be your work. Mummy, please take care of yourself.”

Xia Ning closed her eyes slowly and said with a smile, “Yup, Mummy will pay attention. Enoch is a good boy.”

“I told Daddy to take good care of you. Mummy, was Daddy not behaving?” Enoch said with a bit of anger. “When Daddy’s back, I will give him a lesson!”

Xia Ning heard him and could not help laughing. Such a cute kid.

“Your daddy is very good to me.”

After all, he was only a few years old. She could not tell him directly that his parents were not on good terms.

On the other side, Lu Chuan was looking at Xia Ning who was making the call not too far away. He then looked at Qiao Yu who was staring at her and couldn’t help but walk over to him.

“President Qiao…”

Qiao Yu darted a look at the man before him and answered calmly, “Yes.”

“Sorry if I’m intruding, but what’s your relationship with Xia Ning?”

“What’s your relationship with her?”

Lu Chuan was surprised. He answered awkwardly, “Xia Ning and I are just friends. Just friends.” He could feel that if he said anything beyond friends, this big boss in front of him would kill him immediately.

Qiao Yu nodded and did not speak. He looked at Xia Ning who was still on the call, with his eyes looking very gentle.

And this scene was caught by Lu Chuan. He was shocked. Seemed like he was right.

“President Qiao, I’m pretty close to Xia Ning. Do you really believe what I said?” Lu Chuan could not help but ask. Under such circumstances, the big boss should already be losing his temper. But he seemed very calm.

Qiao Yu darted a look at him and said calmly, “If you two are not just friends, do you think you will have the chance to talk in front of me?”

“…” Lu Chuan smiled awkwardly. He touched his nose. Sure, it was he who was being stupid.